Monday, December 24, 2007

wrap it up

2007 flew at a blink of an eye! with the year coming to an end, you can't help but reflect on the highlights of your year and how many resolutions you've actually accomplished (that's if you remember them to begin with lol ;p )

so today over tea we were discussing any new years plans .. throwing ideas here and there until we came up with a genius one - its still pending but we hope everything works out <3 its was only after the final idea came out that we realized new years eve was a few days away!! unbelievable ~

spend the last few days of 2007 wisely, & make it as memorable as possible!!

take a moment to reflect back on your year and share with us your most memorable highlights, and how you are planning to wrap up 2007 and begin a new one <3

wishing you a year of love, laughter, and memories as sweet as macaroons xx


ur cuz said...

Merry Xmas and hope u have a GRRRRReat new year and keep this posts coming girls!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful dayy ~~
if only i had those MACAROONS instead of the khabee9a ;) lol love you my irreplaceable girls!

in my choos said...

my cousin ;p -- missin you loads <3 merry christmas back at you ;) wishing a new year filled with happiness and sweetness~

anon- loool ;) love you more sweetyy

in my choos said...

*wishing you

Anonymous said...

i agree! 2007 flew at a blink of an eye..oo 9j mabga shay 3la 2030..dont u agree n =P

in my choos said...

^ LOL dana yal baykha!! when you get your first wrinkles latyeen et9ee7een 3ndi - wallllah ;p

Anonymous said...

wrinkles!? 5la9 theres no such thing nowadays! alah e5ly plastic surgery=p LOL