Wednesday, April 30, 2008

minnie mouse goes to vogue <3

with the summer around the corner, we cannot help but reminisce on the good times we had every summer, the last in orlando <3> disney is truly the most magical place on earth, no matter how many times we say we're too old for disney, we secretly keep missing it. extra magic hours at the magic kingdom (buzzing around in scooters), blizzard beach, speed boats at the grand, drama at the rock and roller coaster ;p posing for pictures in tower of terror, and laughing our heads off on the popeye water ride lol! this photoshoot from vogue russia reminded us of all the good times we had last summer, and made us go back and look at the photos we took to keep the memory of it all alive *hearts a few things that made our summer were our group trips to walmart, past midnight *giggles with no where else to go, and nothing else to do, we'd all meet up and head to walmart, without knowing what to get when we're there ;p a few magazines, notebooks, and chocolate bars later, we head back to disney .. its wasn't the destination, it was the journey! the laughter, one particular ride to walmart when we spotted taco bell lol it was an incident we'll never forget .. on days we skipped walmart, we would go to mcdonalds drive thru, and go back to the lobby and play cards until its wayyyy wayyy to late <3> on what was to be our very last day as this group together, we were chilling randomly at the lobby and decided to go check if the game's room was open .. on our way, we had to go out past a garden to get to the games room .. noora was walking about with her havianna's only to feel something icy cold in her flip flops .. she gave a scream and threw the flip flops off her feet, only to find a tiny frog which got squished between her foot and the flip flop lol!! it was hilarious! bad timing for the frog to jump ;p this summer we also jumped off the sky coaster, and flew on a 300ft tall merry go round lol ;p we also swam with sharks lol! it was soo sad to say goodbye, the group, the photos, the songs, the outings all went by with a blink of an eye! although we're all anxious for this summer, it will not be the same as last summer .. maybe someday we can reunite and enjoy it as much as we did *sigH

photo credit: vogue russia minnie mouse spread

Saturday, April 26, 2008

time to throw a party ;p

with the weather already reaching the 35's, and the sun glaring on B-town, everyone is craving a TAN! what better way to soak up the sun with your favorite girls gathered around the pool for a summer party <3>

photo credit: nap

Friday, April 25, 2008


the exotic shoe: the shoe you will wear forever. timeless! you can dress them up or down, taking them from a casual stroll at the champs to a cocktail party the same night. pair them with an lbd for the epitome of chicness. we heard that J in Bahrain will be getting several pairs of crocs. we can't wait to get our hands on a pair!

photo credit: barneys, christianlouboutin, style

Thursday, April 17, 2008


apparently, its not a faux-pas anymore! from the runway to the real world, pulling a one-color head to toe outfit may not look as bad as it sounds. not that we were ever fans of this type of look, but its starting to look glamorous ;o we have to say that it is extremely difficult to pull off a one-tone outfit and look oh so chic a la vicky, but we're not saying it cannot be done! if victoria can pull it off, so can we ;p

matchy matchy does not only mean wearing one color head to toe, it also means matching up with your bf or daughter!

lol and the matchy-matchy award goes to V, obviously ;p

photo credit: justjared, style, tfs, mystyle, iamnotobsessed, stylemens, hotbrandclub, sunglassesitalyblog, blog.baghaus