Friday, January 30, 2009

Follow the yellow brick road!

Just click your sequined Dolce heels twice and you'll be home, in style. ;p 


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Since winter did not decide to head our way this year, it is not to early to plan summer wardrobes! Here are chic twists to classic summer staples xx


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spring awakening.

Stunners by Nicholas Kirkwood, Spring '09. The blue pair is simply a show stopper! I die.

N. xx

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A tribute ..

To one of Arab's greatest legends, Um Kalthum..

A few days ago, I decided to hit the shops for a round of therapy. I skipped about Moda Mall only to find an amazing display in the center with a huge silhouette of Um Kalthum and decided to discover. I was inspired. The display, the items on display, and everything else in between was breathtaking. (Psst: they say the planner behind this exhibition did one of Obama's parties on inauguration day, wowza!)

The exhibition was divided into different halls over two floors. The round display hall displayed paintings and portraits of Um K alongside a few of her belongings such as her microphone, her Dior shades, and her infamous "mandeel". The paintings were collected from individual artists, as were her belongings from museums in France and Egypt.

The stairs that lead to the second floor were adorned with Arabic calligraphy. 

The exhibition had a guest book. Out of curiosity I flipped through only to find pages and pages of farewell/thank you notes dedicated to the legend. I was surprised that people literally each wrote her a good page or two, wow!

Also displayed were Um Kalthum's radios, dresses, her lizard Gucci shoes and bag, old photos documenting her life, videos and songs playing in the background; all arranged in the most spectacular manner. 

Also exhibited was art work by a myriad of artists that spanned everything from fashion to pop art all dedicated to Um Kalthum; beautiful creations inspired by such a beautiful icon. 

Make sure to pass by whenever you hit the shops at Moda Mall. The exhibition will be on until March. Enjoy!!

a few BB shots x

N. xx

Declare your love..

with macaroons! Starting February 10th, these cute boxes will be available at Laduree. "Spell out your love" in sparkling Swarovski crystals, oh so adorable! 

lol, I better choke on a solitaire or a ring of any sort stuffed in one of the macaroons in the box above ;p hahaha kidding xx
(I didn't get what in love soon means? hmm.)

to sweet gestures! xx


Sunday, January 18, 2009

chapped lips no more xx

labello lip balm necklaces! How cute ♥ 


available via 

Friday, January 16, 2009


With the Economic downturn, and lagging markets worldwide.. We're seeing a new "Revive" phenomenon, as stylish people are strapping their belts and re-assessing their closets in search of those former glories that never did  really go out of style..

This "Revive" phenomenon has unleashed a rather feline penchant, one which had never strayed off the fashion streets.. 

"The Cat's in the Bag"; it always was. But now its back with a vengence! From Dolce and Gabbana's signature leopard print, to Cavalli's eccentric passion for everything Cat, and now to the red carpet..

Maggie Gyllenhaal dazzled the crowds in a Lanvin Paw Print ecclectic yet very retro patterned gown.. Runched to one shoulder and cinched at the waist, she stood out amidst the classic cuts and haute couture gowns. 

Move over tiger, clear way for another species of the Cat family, the mundane domestic cat, paw prints and all.

Meow? xx


P.S Thank you for your input into this post (most of it ;p) and constant inspiration to keep on blogging bbfitw. je t'adore!! xx 

photocred: barneys, luisaviaroma,browns fashion.