Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Potato Sack Fashion".

While im getting tired of hearing the word "recession" everywhere, I read an interesting article in the New York Times (fashion section) talking about designers who opted for cheap materials such as Burlap (potato sacks anyone?) to create bags, dresses, and shoes. And while some may think that since it is a recession, and the designers are using cheaper materials, that prices will be at a lower point? Well it is far from that! Im all for splurging on quality, but a burlap miumiu dress? Come on!



to beating the recession, and fashion back to being luxe!



photocred: NYT

Friday, April 24, 2009

What is it with head to toe black ..

that makes it so chic? 

Effortless, chic, and timeless, an all black ensemble is not as easy as it looks. Add an element of excitment to the outfit, like the givenchy bow headband on the girl below or the statement shoes to make it interesting.

I love head to toe black ensembles on others, but will only try it out once or twice every winter. I love my colors!



photocred: j&j and garancedore

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I dream of couture.

Everything about this photoshoot: stunnning! Ahh & the SS09 couture pieces! *faint. And the set was just perfect. So dreamy. Love love love.

Givenchy Couture

Dior Couture

Armani Prive


Versace Couture

Armani Prive

Valentino Couture 

Dior Couture

Here are the fabulous pieces as seen on the SS09 runway:

and they say fashion is not art? 



cred: redcarpetfashionawards & vogue italia

Friday, April 10, 2009

Summer classics.

When it comes to the summer, ballerinas and sandals are as important as icecream. Mint chocolate chip, that is ;p & although the summer is all about bright colors, I think its time for me to inject some neutral into my wardrobe. 

Who other does classic ballerina's like Chanel?I love how seasonless these shoes look.

to chic summer days, 99p flake icecreams et al *heart



photocred: Chanel.com

Friday, April 3, 2009

Preen line.

Im not so keen on t-shirts, but these Preen Line tees are "fantaschic" pieces for the upcoming summer days! 



Thursday, April 2, 2009

The hills come alive!

No words will ever do this show any justice. For those of you in Bahrain, seriously do not miss The Sound of Music puppet show at the cultural hall this weekend! The tickets sold out real fast, but to those of you who didnt get your hands on tickets there will be an extra show on Saturday due to high demands!

I think everyone can say that The Sound of Music was a big part of their childhood. It is one of my all time favorite movies; from every song to every scene, I can recite it all lol! That is why I was ecstatic to hear that the puppet show was coming to Bahrain all the way from Austria! 

It was an amaaazing experience re-living all the scenes and songs. The puppet show did not seem like a puppet show - it was like the movie was playing live right infront of us. It was so real; from the incredible set, set changes, effects, and puppet movements, to the songs, it was perfect.

We got to sing and hum our all time favorite tunes, from raindrops on roses to Doh a deer; the show took us right back to our childhood, back another world I must say.

To reliving childhood memories over and over again xx


(click on pics for larger view)

photocred: bna

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is it just me ..

..or is nap (net a porter) selling out like crazy? I mean everything used to sell out, but to have to decide on a piece within 3 minutes or its too late? Make that 2 minutes. Lol how frantic! 

It takes two words, typed in bold and deep red, to make me really really annoyed - SOLD OUT. Ah the feeling of rejection. The feeling of wanting something but not being able to reach it. I'd then begin a worldwide search for that highly coveted item, not because I want it that much, but because I couldn't have it while others, who we may conclude are early birds, or happen to have the time difference to their advantage, can just click and buy, without any stress or 3 minute deadlines.

I think I might cross over to the dark (or is it bright?) side and join all the early birds out there. Only on Monday's and Wednesday's though ;p 

to being on top of the game, always!