Thursday, January 31, 2008

feeling geeky~

we've recently been discussing a lot of entertaining books that we have been reading lately .. our favorite of which was Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style *heartSsssS other books we painfully tried to finish reading lol or even never got there were Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster - bore fest! it gives us a really detailed insight on how couture houses started and the emergence of the LVMH group but you'll start zZz-ing by the third chapter lol ;p

feeling geeky? get your chic black frames out and carry one of these fun girly books wherever you go - guaranteed to get addicted to!

Girls of Riyadh

The Manny

Bergdorf Blondes

Still didnt kick start your most important resolution of 2008 - getting rid of those few pounds? Skinny B*tch & How the Rich Get Thin are motivational diet books that have a dash of humor in them (the latter of which says reward yourself with shoes or anything marc with every few pounds you get rid of lol)

we've been thinking of starting a book club for a while now .. think the cutest brunch with cupcakes ~* doubt any book talk will be done but we can still call it a book club to sound important ;p the following books are ones we'll be reading next:

La Prisonniere (tenth re-read, a guaranteed i-dare-you-to-put-it-down book)

My Fuedal Lord:
Born into one of Pakistan's most influential families, Tehmina Durrani was raised in the privileged milieu of Lahore high society and educated at the same school as Benazir Bhutto. Like all women of her rank, she was expected to marry a wealthy Muslim, bear him many children and lead a sheltered life of air-conditioned leisure. When she married Mustafa Khar, one of Pakistan's most eminent political figures, she continued to move in the best circles, and learned to keep up the public facade as a glamorous, cultivated wife, and mother of four children. In private, however, the story-book romance rapidly turned sour. Mustafa Khar became violently possessive and jealous, and succeeded in cutting his wife off from the outside world. For the course of her 14-year marriage, she suffered alone, in silence. -

Finally, we leave you with This Little Piggy Went to Prada - Nursery rhymes for the pint sized fashionista's in training lol ;p a fun book to keep part of your collection to sing to any baby fashionista you know <3

"I had a little shoe tree nothing it would bear,
But Manolo Blahniks and vintage Taittinger
The Queen of Style, Ms Wintour, came to see me
and wrote a piece in Vogue about my shoe tree."

niiteyy ;)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

the extrafabuordinary.

orange. blue. ever felt like going over the limits with makeup. these looks are fabulous. crazy fabulous. its fun then fun then extravagant then over the top! but i mean where can you try this inneedofthrowingaparty*

it's all about the hair, no the lips, no the eyes it's about evvverrryyy detail! so haute~

puffy hairs. feather on eyelids. bejeweled ears

soooo in love with these looks from "ze pa'3eess coutouu'333 shoowwzz"

get together little fashionistas and JUSTTT go for the extreme slash fabulous slash insanely fun looks this spring

have yellow.turquoise.emerald.plum. dreams


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


we can't live with them, can't live without them, .. here's a post celebrating fabulous men's style ~ from loafers to bottega ensembles, here are a few of our favorites (starting of with the oh-so-cute mcdreamy&steamy ;p)

men's kelly a BIG no no.. what are they thinking !

photo, harpers, justjared

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008


"g 52, geeeee 52" loool thats h* announcing the bingo numbers as they roll out ;p we had a games night gathering last night, everyone got their competitive edge out lol you should see them screaming "but they cheatedddd" "not faiiir" mwahahahaha love that everyone took the games seriously and wanted to win .. soooo much fun <3 <3

as soon as the guests arrived, we had them write their names on the names point board .. we started to play bingo as soon as everyone arrived <3 followed by bingo was a round of pictionary .. we told the teams to write a list of ten objects, people, or places for the other team to draw .. this is where all the screaming started ;p the most hilarious sketches came out, our favorites of which were abdulmajeed, oprah lol!! nextt up was a round of the price is right .. its a dvd play-along game where the guests have to guess prices of the items showcased, and only 2 finalists make it to the final round.. fun fun fun! after that we had a surprise for everyone lol soo exciting it felt like they were the audience at an Oprah show LOL everyone screaming "alayyyyyyyy"and trying to figure out which ones were for them <3 *drumRoLLSsss we served hot chocolate in personalized mugsss awhh how cute ;p some were sarcastic but made them laugh so muchh xx

after dinner everyone was still feeling the competition, as those who felt they don't have enough points wanted to catch up .. so we played a round of charades <3 armageddon was hilariouss LOL ;> finally, we ended the night with another round of bingoooo, with a bonus round of mega points (lol, four tinkerbell stickers ;p )

before the night ended, the 2 winners with the most points - tinkerbell stickers - claimed the grand prizesssss <3 <3

games night is suchhhh a fun idea for a gathering all you readers should totalllyyyy throw one asaP!

we're blogging from the kitchen, making cupcakes (more like designing the icing ;p ) keep tuned for tomorrow xx

niitey nite~

p.s y* - your cuz - soooo nice to see you today <3