Sunday, December 30, 2007


coming soon ;p


Friday, December 28, 2007

busy bees*

a new year is coming, we're super busy i'm sure you are all, but thank god we made time to get the laduree for sephora collection !!! they're gorgeous, get them while they last ~ they're limited ed. <3

goodnight xx

ps: h*, merciiii for the cutest surprise i couldn't believe it when i saw you found the whole laduree collection! <3 <3

be-ayam il bard be-ayam il shety.

ahh fairuz and the winter, two of our favorite things <3 who doesn't love fairuz??

here are some of our favorite- enjoy drinking your warm tea while listening to our all time fairuz favorites ~


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

nude lips, nude nails

we know that winter makeup is all about red and maroon lipsticks, but who said you have to embrace this trend if you feel that the color simply doesn't suit you? a more modern winter look is going nude on lips and nails which we've been recentley adoring <3 for those of you with nude lipsticks in stock, time to carry them around everywhere you go ;p and to those of you who are new to this shade, just drop by mac and ask for the lipstick shade "jubilee" *pouTs as for a very nude look- concealer nude - then try mac's "myth" shade, just make sure to apply lots of gloss~ as for the popular mac nude shades that we are yet to try, they are "blankety" and "honey love" .. as for manicures, get your nails painted in essie's "mamboo" - so haute *hearts

indulge in the warmest hot chocolate - and don't worry, nude lipsticks won't stain your mugs ;p


photo credit: wwwd

exchanging gifts.

it's not that we believe in christmas, we just like the idea of secret santa so we decided to have one..

did you ever try buying gifts with a very tight budget? oh my god it's so hard ;p
lool we all passed the budget we couldn't help it :)

anyways share with us any experiences you had with secret santa <3

keep your windows open santa might drop by~ nitey nite xx

Monday, December 24, 2007

wrap it up

2007 flew at a blink of an eye! with the year coming to an end, you can't help but reflect on the highlights of your year and how many resolutions you've actually accomplished (that's if you remember them to begin with lol ;p )

so today over tea we were discussing any new years plans .. throwing ideas here and there until we came up with a genius one - its still pending but we hope everything works out <3 its was only after the final idea came out that we realized new years eve was a few days away!! unbelievable ~

spend the last few days of 2007 wisely, & make it as memorable as possible!!

take a moment to reflect back on your year and share with us your most memorable highlights, and how you are planning to wrap up 2007 and begin a new one <3

wishing you a year of love, laughter, and memories as sweet as macaroons xx

Sunday, December 23, 2007

forgot about time.

we we're chilling and we did some catching up with a very dear friend <3 it was soo much fun then we got all dolled up to go for coffee or something.. sadlY we didn't notice that time was flying, lol it was too late to do anything.. we ended up getting magazines and oh ya the lights on the trees we're toooo bright ouch ~~

stay warm xx

Saturday, December 22, 2007


blinging your hair is back <3 any vintage brooches you have in your collection? its time to bring them out! we love this modern take on brooches pinned sideways ~ oh la laa

many designers have come up with chic blings, and thanks to this trend, you can now not only pin brooches to your clothes, but also clip them to your hair

we love this new trend and can't wait to get our hands on a gorgeous new piece (browsed hours online for lacroix's but no luck *pout )

p.s wishing you a belated eid mubarak - now that the eid rush is over, we'll be back to daily posts ;p

Sunday, December 16, 2007

fashion confessioNs*

a little q&a we decided to share with you:~

1. What's your signature item?

h*: love bracelets

N: pendant of dad's photo

2. "If i was an accessory, I would be a .. "

h*: a huge&haute cocktail ring but if i was real i would totally be diamonnndss or a 10 carat marquise cut ring .. this is getting so hard lets keep it to accessories ;p

N: a gorgeousss scarf, cashmere in a vibrant color - a jewel tone purple*

3. An always must have:

h*: luxurious glamorous fur~

N: the confidence to pull off anything ;p

4. I can't live without...?

h*: i'll feel guilty if i choose one thing from my wardrobe sooo i'll stick to my coffee mug that gets my eyes wide open for mornings ;p

N: fashion magazines: Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, and all the works! an addiction thats a close second place after caffeine!

5. What's in your handbag?

h*: my mobile, makeup bag, tissues, usb, smythson "fashionista" notebook - in lime *hearT - nintendo ds, wallet, camera, and a shawl for now ~

N: wallet, makeup bag, mobile, nail file, cinema tickets, starbucks reciepts, freej sticker (don't ask ;p ), saksaholic mirror, fashionsita mini notebook, camera case (without the camera lol)

6. Next fashion purchase:

h*: shoes - i'll probably be the first client in a shoe rehab

N: fuchsia jimmy choo maryjanes - yum! (NOTE: if anyone is thinking of starting a rehab for shopaholics, make sure to contact h* asap because her addiction to shoes is unbelievable!!)

7. If Santa was reading this blog, he should totally get you..

h*: all the shades and skins of the birkins i dream of ~ seriously you can never have enough

N: MARC JACOBS!!!! kidnap him!! but if not, an hermes blanket in pink and orange would do - heavenlyyy ;p

now its your turn! share with us your answers to these questions, we'd love to hear them !! santa might just drop by ;)


3ayedi ya beladi <3

enjoy the fireworks, lights, and national day celebrations! Happy national day bahrainis ;p & enjoy rashid's 3ayedi ya beladi song and stay tuned to the live concert on tv~


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway ...

while sipping hot chocolate and flipping through magazines, we began to formulate wishlists in our heads and decided to share with you the best and worst accessories of the upcoming season

spring summer accessories report 08 ~ start your wish-lists, its time (to stress lol ;p ) but dont worry you still have time to abuse your fall/winter accessories!!

we have to start off with marc jacobs (the love) we were all anticipating all the collections he'll be designing for louis vuitton once he joined..BUT omgg the vuitton ss08 collection was RIDIC!! the jokes on the bags, the people having coffee on the bags, SPONGEBOB LUNCHBOX!!! come on marc we love you but you have to help us and our eyes!

moving on to prada - no comment on the shoes ;p but we've seen some cute coin purses and the floral print dresses are TDF!

louboutin: we love the fact that the red from the soles are also on the sides now - siren haute!

YSL: You'll So Love!! everything is A okay except for the weird looking shoes - need we say more?? the post card clutches ~ hearttt

chanel-O: from the gem clutches, to the ankle purses, to the bow bracelet, to the rectangular to circle clutches - PERFECTION!!

marc - we know you didn't mean what you did to louis vuitton's ss08 collection we know .. and we're so loving your new creation, INVENTION of these incredible heels!! even though they're funny looking to some, we're SOOOO going to be the first to wear them! we love love love you and vote you for president ;p

fendi - only one bag caught our eye, and its a remake of the vintage tote ashley olsen was seen carrying around all summer long..the newer version comes in baby blue - heavenlyyy!

bottega- the cutesttt croc envelope clutch!

hermes- no words ever do hermes justice ;p

dior- bubbly!

so whats on your wishlist?

photo credit:L'officiel magazine


its been a while since our last post, death by finals! tomorrow is our official last day of classes - soo looking forward to thirty days of chillaxing where our biggest concern is nothing more than deciding what to wear and where to dine!

what's a week of finals without a gathering right in the middle? lol ;p we threw a bbq gathering at a very convenient time for those who want another excuse not to study for tomorrow's exaM* preparations were very last minute..usually, we'd arrange the outdoor tables, chairs, and tiny details from which plates we'll use to which cups for hot chocolate a day in advance..this time, everything was decided 2 hours before the did everything work out, you ask? a detailed list is all you need!! jot everything down and you'll be fine~

make sure to have someone who is willing to flip burgers and grill hotdogs available lol because as much as we love bbq's (throwing and attending), we're usually not seen ten feet away from the grill and smoke (*ewH)

other than the list and fabulous company, the only thing you need to guarantee an amazing cookout is luck lol - with our unpredictable weather, a gorgeous breezy night needs lots of crossed fingers and pure luck ;p
next time you meet up with your friends, throw a bbq!! its a fun alternative to the usual gathering and a great way to make use of the fabulously unpredictable weather <3>

Saturday, December 8, 2007

lit up~

the lights are up!! <3 its the final weeeek before winter break - what more can we ask for yeyyy* after catching up over tea, h* began to finish up her presentation for tomorrow (wish her luck <3 ) we decided to get away from work by passing by for magazines and cheesecake (not that we're having any ourselves lol ;p ) M went down to get mags but didn't find any, so she came back with a bag full of different flavors of GUM - we quote a parody of mary-kate "you know whats a good diet, gum" (the olsens on E!'s starveillance)

do NOT try the gum diet @ home ;p
P.S even though they're not that clear, you have to take your time enjoying the pictures, we went around the same roundabout with our windows down a couple of times & back and forth on the same road with flashes all over lol *

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

purple Perfection~

Plumberry is a new boutique that opened it doors to trendy fashionistas~ it is exactly what Bahrain needed; it carries classy and chic casual/dressy wears not to forget the clutches , shoes, and adorable baby clothes they just received ~
they carry brands like Velvet, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Charlotte Ronson, Radcliffe Denim, & Voom Shoes: Lauren Merkin & Sam Edelman Babies: Splendid & Toddlers
it had the cutest opening *
really excited we dropped by again after the opening and gave Plumberry & its owner a visit (plus there will be more visits) ;p the interior looked amaaazzziinngg!
we were surprised that the stock is already updated !! so don't forget to drop by every once in a while ~ btw those of you who have facebook make sure to join the Plumberry group!
Al Aaali Mall just got purpleR and fabulous-eR :*

happy shopping x

Plumberry Boutique
Al Aaali Shopping Complex

Tel: 17-581125

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

mini mani evening*

today we got our nails done like the models in the SS08 Dior show~ at first we really loved it but now we are having second thoughts- it looks like we're celebrating "national day" already ;p but still we kinda like this trend- we thought if we use a different, darker shade- like Essie's "solemate" color it would look better, soOo maybe next time we try it with a different color..we were told that if you want to try this, you need rounder nails to put the line on..
anyways..we ended the night with ugly betty and burgerLand*


photo credit: missdiorcouture