Sunday, December 16, 2007

fashion confessioNs*

a little q&a we decided to share with you:~

1. What's your signature item?

h*: love bracelets

N: pendant of dad's photo

2. "If i was an accessory, I would be a .. "

h*: a huge&haute cocktail ring but if i was real i would totally be diamonnndss or a 10 carat marquise cut ring .. this is getting so hard lets keep it to accessories ;p

N: a gorgeousss scarf, cashmere in a vibrant color - a jewel tone purple*

3. An always must have:

h*: luxurious glamorous fur~

N: the confidence to pull off anything ;p

4. I can't live without...?

h*: i'll feel guilty if i choose one thing from my wardrobe sooo i'll stick to my coffee mug that gets my eyes wide open for mornings ;p

N: fashion magazines: Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, and all the works! an addiction thats a close second place after caffeine!

5. What's in your handbag?

h*: my mobile, makeup bag, tissues, usb, smythson "fashionista" notebook - in lime *hearT - nintendo ds, wallet, camera, and a shawl for now ~

N: wallet, makeup bag, mobile, nail file, cinema tickets, starbucks reciepts, freej sticker (don't ask ;p ), saksaholic mirror, fashionsita mini notebook, camera case (without the camera lol)

6. Next fashion purchase:

h*: shoes - i'll probably be the first client in a shoe rehab

N: fuchsia jimmy choo maryjanes - yum! (NOTE: if anyone is thinking of starting a rehab for shopaholics, make sure to contact h* asap because her addiction to shoes is unbelievable!!)

7. If Santa was reading this blog, he should totally get you..

h*: all the shades and skins of the birkins i dream of ~ seriously you can never have enough

N: MARC JACOBS!!!! kidnap him!! but if not, an hermes blanket in pink and orange would do - heavenlyyy ;p

now its your turn! share with us your answers to these questions, we'd love to hear them !! santa might just drop by ;)



karroozi said...

LOL @ i speak Italian!!! that's hilarious!
loved your answers & and may u get all what you wished for


in my choos said...

karoozi- hehe ;) thankkkss lol i hope so <3

here are the questions to make it easy for everyone to answer :

1.What's your signature item?

2."If i was an accessory, i would be a.."

3.An always must have:

4.I can't live without..?

5.What's in your handbag?

6.Next fashion purchase

7.If Santa was reading this blog he should totally get you..

Anonymous said...

1.What's your signature item?

2."If i was an accessory, i would be a.."
diamond studss

3.An always must have:
atleast ONE pair of loboutins.

4.I can't live without..?
heels baby heeeels^

5.What's in your handbag?
make up bag, wet ones, phone, wallet, make up remover, my tiny agenda , and extra earrings~ lol don't ask :p

6.Next fashion purchase
hopefully a kelly or a birkin

7.If Santa was reading this blog he should totally get you..
a croc birkin- is it too much to ask for, Santa? *puppy eyesss*

in my choos said...

anonymous: thanks for sharing ~ we hope Santa makes all your wishes come true ;p

meyam said...

LOOOL I missed you HALL GAD bellaaaaaaa!!!!! xxxxxx

in my choos said...

MEYAAAM YA MEYAAM YAA MEYAAM !!<3 i misssss you more cupcake!!! xx

Anonymous said...

1: H.Stern Star earrings

2: Sweet Alhambra Bracelet

3: i'll go with N answer the confidence to pull off anything
4: my mac powerbook

5: haha whats not in my bag lets see 1- wallet 2- make-up pouch 3- pens, keys , post it, mirror all in a pouch 4- cyber-shot- 5- hair clips 6- 2 packs of kleenix 7-wet -ones 8 - Sunglasses 9-my phone 10-mini photo album 11- dates "kint 9yma" 12- water i guess thats it

6- Judith Leiber clutch

7- I'll go with H answer all the shades and skins of the birkins maybe Victoria B's Collection ;)

Santa said...


Santa is here gorgeous gurlz, HO HO HO take this key open my Ferrari trunk and ull see all wat u wished for...even MORE!!!



in my choos said...

anonymous- thankkss for sharing~~
santa is early ;p

santa- you're early, christmas is right around the corner- make our wishes reality! we'll be waiting for your ferrari <3

vogue said...

1. the card is too cute!

2. H- we share a signature item =D all the love collection is an addiction. everytime i buy something, i keep on wanting more!

3. N- i want the fuschia jimmy choos!! i'm loving fushcia these days.

4. sorry for the extremely late comment haha :p