Monday, December 3, 2007

"Hello Lover!!"

Blogging from our macs, seems like we can relive a lot of Carrie Bradshaw moments. We both agree that although she might have made a lot of mistakes picking between the men she wants in her life, she definitely made the right shoe choices. We connect with Carrie in many ways - shoes are her therapy. You SATC-holics surely recall her looking at the perfect pair of loulous from the boutique window, exclaiming "hellllo lovers!" Its so sad the series was put to an end (not to mention Big's name was revealed as John?? sadder!!) BUT, mark your calenders, May is one day closer lol ;p have you been catching up with the satc movie? PLEASE no spoilers!!! We can tell you one thing - the wardrobe is so worth looking forward to (think a fuchsia dvf backless dress with pearls for a day of shopping, Fendi box clutches, and fabulous gladiator heels- a must-have item to welcome spring!)

Any of you satc-istas been to the sex and the city tour in ny? If not, you should SO add it to your list of things you should do in this lifetime lol ;p they pick you up at the very park that a lot of the scenes were shot .. get into a huge bus which plays clips of scenes as we pass right by them omg so exciting! Getting down at a few spots, having the infamous Magnolia bakery cupcakes that Carrie once shared with Miranda..passing by Samantha's house.. the spa club they once crashed .. but the highlight of it all - sitting on the very steps of Carries's apartment!!!! The real woman who owns the apartment understands the whole Carrie hype and allows for the tourists to take photos all day - so sweeet ;p a shot taken 2 summers ago ahhhh*

now that we reminded you of the show we all once enjoyed and related to, share with us your favorite satc moments, quotes, and which of the four you can relate to the most..wishing you a FAAAABulous night~


Sensation said...

i lovelovelove your blog, keep it up <3

in my choos said...

thaaannkksss x

yur cuz said...

hey u took my suggestion!!! I am a satc addict!! It's my favorite show of ALL time. Oh how I miss Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and especially the oh-so-provocative Samantha...sar kha6ri fi a whole season now!!! :(
Thanks for making my day today with your "FAAAABulous" post!!!
Yalla we want more!!! LOOOL!

Azza said...

Thank you ever so much for this post!! I'm a huge fan of SATC... in fact, I just bought the whole seasons the other's the collection that every WO-man must have ;-) ;-)

Azza said...

Thank you ever so much for this post! I'm a huge fan of SATC, in fact, I just bought the whole seasons the other day. I think it's the collection that evey WO-man must have ;-) ;-)

Azza said...

i got so excited that i commented twice ;p

in my choos said...

my cuz ;p- ya we did , we really loved the idea !! we're working on starting a section like you suggested.. we miss them SOOO muchhhh toooo, but atleast they're doing a movie we're super-excited about <3
your FAAAABulous ;)

azza x3 -your welcome gorge.. same here HUGE fans! i'm so in love with that show !! lol @ your excitment - hilaR*