Tuesday, December 4, 2007

mini mani evening*

today we got our nails done like the models in the SS08 Dior show~ at first we really loved it but now we are having second thoughts- it looks like we're celebrating "national day" already ;p but still we kinda like this trend- we thought if we use a different, darker shade- like Essie's "solemate" color it would look better, soOo maybe next time we try it with a different color..we were told that if you want to try this, you need rounder nails to put the line on..
anyways..we ended the night with ugly betty and burgerLand*


photo credit: missdiorcouture


hikako said...

"tres tres chic"
i love new nail ideas ... i remember painting my nails white , and it was sooo cute . bs now alot of girls who don`t know what they are doing paint their nails white ... :o
but this is sooo cute

Anonymous said...

yaaaaay! wow very nice :D where did u do dat? heh true, da 1st time i saw it i thought ure celebrating national day already ^___^

Btw there is a slight difference, the dior pix has white line on da top and bottom of da nail i guess next time u shud do da same and show us hw itll look ^__________^

in my choos said...

hikako- merci beaucoup* yaaa white nails look really cute <3 thanksss ;p

anon- we did them in choo~ i think i know who you are from your smiles lol ;p they are not as red as they look in the pic, the color we chose is maroon-ish ,, ya we posted that for the line on the top we need rounder nails.. so we decided just to leave the white part in the bottom, and maybe next time we do the top as well ..
thanks for the comment sweets ^__^