Friday, December 28, 2007

be-ayam il bard be-ayam il shety.

ahh fairuz and the winter, two of our favorite things <3 who doesn't love fairuz??

here are some of our favorite- enjoy drinking your warm tea while listening to our all time fairuz favorites ~



shushu said...

be2ayam el bard be2yam el sheteh wal ra9eef b7ayra wel share3 '3aree2 tejeeh 7ak el bent min baita el 3atee2 we2olha en6ereeny o tan6er 3al 6aree2 o yro7 o yensaha tezbal bel sheteh

7abaitak bel 9aif 7abaitak bel sheteh na6artak bel 9aaaaiiif na6artak bel sheteh wa3yonak el9aif wa3yon el sheteh mal2ana ya 7abeeeeeby 5alf el 9aif o 5alf el sheteh


Aljoud said...

Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh <3 thank youuuu !! am loving ur selection <3

am currently listening to Fawqa hateek elruba.. <3
keep this ahhh-maziiiiing posts rollinnnnng in! *smooch*

in my choos said...

shushu- lol ;p

aljoud- we love you more<3 thankkss your such a darL~ *h

Naser said...

I cannot believe it. The second video was actually recorded by me 2 years ago and I uploaded it on youtube before my account was deleted for copyrightinfringement. It's nice to see it being posted. That concert was in Bahrain's Arad Palace in '87.