Saturday, December 8, 2007

lit up~

the lights are up!! <3 its the final weeeek before winter break - what more can we ask for yeyyy* after catching up over tea, h* began to finish up her presentation for tomorrow (wish her luck <3 ) we decided to get away from work by passing by for magazines and cheesecake (not that we're having any ourselves lol ;p ) M went down to get mags but didn't find any, so she came back with a bag full of different flavors of GUM - we quote a parody of mary-kate "you know whats a good diet, gum" (the olsens on E!'s starveillance)

do NOT try the gum diet @ home ;p
P.S even though they're not that clear, you have to take your time enjoying the pictures, we went around the same roundabout with our windows down a couple of times & back and forth on the same road with flashes all over lol *


shushu said...

nice nice =) love celebrations <3 so tell me wats up with the gum diet? u just keep chewing gum & skipping meals?

in my choos said...

shushuuuu yes, only eat gum all day and you can have air too ;p

lol don't try it we were just being sarcastic x