Wednesday, December 12, 2007

everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway ...

while sipping hot chocolate and flipping through magazines, we began to formulate wishlists in our heads and decided to share with you the best and worst accessories of the upcoming season

spring summer accessories report 08 ~ start your wish-lists, its time (to stress lol ;p ) but dont worry you still have time to abuse your fall/winter accessories!!

we have to start off with marc jacobs (the love) we were all anticipating all the collections he'll be designing for louis vuitton once he joined..BUT omgg the vuitton ss08 collection was RIDIC!! the jokes on the bags, the people having coffee on the bags, SPONGEBOB LUNCHBOX!!! come on marc we love you but you have to help us and our eyes!

moving on to prada - no comment on the shoes ;p but we've seen some cute coin purses and the floral print dresses are TDF!

louboutin: we love the fact that the red from the soles are also on the sides now - siren haute!

YSL: You'll So Love!! everything is A okay except for the weird looking shoes - need we say more?? the post card clutches ~ hearttt

chanel-O: from the gem clutches, to the ankle purses, to the bow bracelet, to the rectangular to circle clutches - PERFECTION!!

marc - we know you didn't mean what you did to louis vuitton's ss08 collection we know .. and we're so loving your new creation, INVENTION of these incredible heels!! even though they're funny looking to some, we're SOOOO going to be the first to wear them! we love love love you and vote you for president ;p

fendi - only one bag caught our eye, and its a remake of the vintage tote ashley olsen was seen carrying around all summer long..the newer version comes in baby blue - heavenlyyy!

bottega- the cutesttt croc envelope clutch!

hermes- no words ever do hermes justice ;p

dior- bubbly!

so whats on your wishlist?

photo credit:L'officiel magazine


PinkChampagne said...

I love it!I love the post and your blog is bubblysexyfantabulous!


nyxx said...

do check out miu miu new sandals their also TDF ;) i looove the white croc bottega i will call izella when the sun rises in london this one is soo hot! :D thanks for sharing girlies xx

in my choos said...

PC thankss!! you're bubblysexyfantabulous-er ;p

nyxx we will <3 there's the teacup heel one soo surreal *giggleS the bottega one is on the neimans site too but in black - you're welcome xx

nyxx said...

didnt fancy the teacup heal much their new sandals are sooooooooo hot with huge cyrstalized heals in ohsolovely colors <3 happybday bahrainnnnn