Friday, December 28, 2007

busy bees*

a new year is coming, we're super busy i'm sure you are all, but thank god we made time to get the laduree for sephora collection !!! they're gorgeous, get them while they last ~ they're limited ed. <3

goodnight xx

ps: h*, merciiii for the cutest surprise i couldn't believe it when i saw you found the whole laduree collection! <3 <3


shushu said...

alah ya36eekum el 3afya (K)

cuteeee <3....wat are they exactly?

in my choos said...

Allah ey3afeech shushuu <3 <3

the purple case is a roomy vanity case for your makeup it has a mirror inside its gorgeoussss*

and the box macaroon soaps <3 wl green circle container is gold shimmering body powder- smells fabulous ;p

shmily said...

r they still there in bahrain? mashay hnee 5ala9 lol