Monday, June 30, 2008

If happiness came in a bottle..

It would come as neon nailpolish in mini sizes! Instant mood-lifter, the perfect accessory of the summer are nails painted in super-brights! Bberry-ing this post with neon blinding yellow nails, quirky! x

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fashion heros.

inspired by superheros! x (click on photos for larger clearer photos, they are simply too cute to be minimized!!)

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

a second dosage.

Curled up on the sofa with the girls, we're watching the sex and the city movie for the second time, second of many more times to come ;p discussing the quirky outfits over rounds of tea, nutella, mini sandwiches, mini burgers, and our bberry's in hand, we couldn't help but share the moment with you all x for those who did not watch it yet, definately throw an satc night in!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

get off the sofa, NOW!

how many of you shed the weight you vowed to on your new year's resolution list? well, six months have passed and its summer already; its well about time to shed the kilos! if you tried everything and are still not so excited about trips to the gym, you need to get nagged! sign up your email on weightnags, and fet nagged mercilessly off the sofa to the gym ;p

to those who sign up, "Congrats, cupcakes! At least you've come this far. I bet your pants feel tight. Did you workout today?"

hilar!! xx

Friday, June 20, 2008

tres random x

a few from here and there that caught our eyes ;p

Louboutin paired up with One&Only resorts and created a limited ed edition only to be found at their resorts in Mauritius, the Bahamas, Cabos, Dubai, and the Maldives. what a fun souvenir!

Monologo Bvlgari rings ~ a fresh new jewelry indulgence. something new to pair with your love collection *heart

dream destination ! Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

bon voyage!! xx

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

seeing blue.

to be honest, we cannot remember the last time we slipped on a pair of blue jeans. a year ago? lol! now with jeans back in the scene, we're unsure if denim revival will hit our closets or not. we'll see! here are a few pieces from here and there, resort 2009 x

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we really miss...*updated12345678910

this is a post that we would like to include you readers in

send us a photo of something you really, really miss. and we'll upload it! email us at xx

1."we miss london.. strolling down sloane, afternoon tea at laduree, and shopping shopping shopping !"

2." i miss paris! TERRIBLY!" fastidious babe

3. "I miss Mekkah, so much!" nyxxie

4. "i miss dining al fresco/picnics"

5. "i miss disney :D " mae

6."i miss the romantic-niss of walking aimlessly around PARIS" hikako

7. "i miss: daily dinner's at the meatpacking district followed by me flaunting the techniques of hailing a cabbie @ 1am. i nailed the whole finger jiggle dance baby!! lol" fashy

8. "i terribly miss signor sassi's lobster spaghetti" Vogue

9. "i miss marc when he was fun & whimsical" cheekbones

10. "i miss Maya's chocolate fondue in Bahrain" kytheria

11. " I Miss our late late snacks and chats in the Arcade room at the Grand Floridian" Lulu ^ Aniston


Monday, June 9, 2008

Quirks ;p

The Rules:

1.Link the person who tagged you: A Journal Entry
2.Mention the rules on your blog.
3.Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4.Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5.Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blog letting them know they've been tagged.

The Quirks:

1. i always make to do lists in my head for every single thing until i get so stressed that i have to write them down.
2.i have a memory of a goldfish.
3.i always have a problem with my hair the smallest frizz annoys me.. even the gym i keep fixing it lol ;p
4.when i have a pen and paper in hand i write everything that is being said. every word.
5.CHIPPED NAILS get on my nerves! i can't stop staring at them
6.i love sipping my hot coffee 2 hrs later when it's cold :)

1. whenever i set my alarm i tend to wake up before it rings.
2. when something is over exposed i hate it even when i use it to love it in the first place.
3. i exaggerate sometimes ;p hehe
4.kela malyyy bareth! 7ata this tag mafny shadeta ;p
5. spelling mistakes in texts or emails annoy me
6. when i want something now and i can't get it now then i don't want it.

*we tag anyone who wants to share their quirks ;p

goodnight x"

one to watch.

Memorize the name: Ana Sekularac. You'll be hearing a lot about her. Currently dressing A-listers, Ana has been captivating the fashion world with her fabulously structural pieces. Her work can be described as elegantly structural yet so wearable.

photo & vogue uk

Sunday, June 8, 2008

in the summer time when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky!!

it's time:
to get your nails done with summery colors
to get your havaianas out (yummy)
to lay down by the beach sipping ~freezing drinks~ tanning
to listen to this song that's stuck in our heads ;p

we're loving the summer *heart* *heart*

have a wonderful summery day ~

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

swing low.

so you know how when its summer et al, new trends come out to replace those we have exhausted ever from winter to spring. each summer brings with it new ways of dressing up, new ways to feel light and flowy and breezy. this summer, we are introduced to a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling:baggy flowy pants, harem pants - fit on the waist and ankles, and super loose in between. vogue describes this attempt as "the impatient instinct to overturn the overdone - the the domination of dresses, skinny pants, and leggings". like us, you might wince at first at the thought of even attempting to wear this cut. but now its all about pants that do not look tidy and pristine anymore! tres avant-garde.

for those of you willing to embrace this summer's new pants, pair them with a sharp blazer and sharp super high heels.


"drop everything" - vogue june 2008, p84.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

treat me mean alexander mcqueen ♥

so yey McQueen opened its door's at Bahrain's Moda mall a few days ago. If you're visiting soon, make sure to try on and grab a pair of any of these square toe pumps. For those who want to steal people's thunders in any social scene, the hot fuchsia one does the trick! As for those who are in the hunt of classics, the black satin and croc are simply perfection. For you who are fashion-forward, the black patent with gold tips and pink soles are the way to go. Tried and tested, these pairs are the comfiest you will ever set your hands on, stock up for the summer vacay! x where will you take your pairs this summer?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

girls just want to have fun!

we were part of the freej craze ;p

the most random things can make you throw gatherings as simple as "dotted jalabiyas & burge3"
a blast from the past, last erme'9an *heart

icecream truck, the board, the kayrum, the prizes, old junk, vintage radios, the er6ab, the ga3da, the burge3's - this was one crazy unforgettable gathering!

to being spontaneous! xx