Thursday, June 19, 2008

seeing blue.

to be honest, we cannot remember the last time we slipped on a pair of blue jeans. a year ago? lol! now with jeans back in the scene, we're unsure if denim revival will hit our closets or not. we'll see! here are a few pieces from here and there, resort 2009 x

photo credit: style,fwd


Hikako said...

Denim?. i don't know about it coming anywhere near my closet. other than pants ofcourse, i find denim clothing (how do i put it nicely?) to be revolting. i always have thought this, i just don't like it. but who knows, i might find a piece of denim-wear and think it to be extraordinary, but i highly doubt it.
anyone's opinion can change at anytime, and a lot of times about different fashions. so i think i ought to keep my mind open.

oh, btw. has been blocked in the UAE. bummer.

pB said...

I just placed an order of blue denim for the store! Hopefully it doesn't become one of those items :S

h* you've been hunting me down for a pair of blue jeans. They will be here soon :)

I'm not quite sure about the denim clothing other than pants. We'll see how everyone reacts to it once it hits the stores.

Fastidious Babe said...

Hmm.. i have mixed feelings on this one.. especially the light washed denim that's everywhere now! its soo passe! but then again.. remember when LV did the denim bag? it worked didnt it lol a lil bit..

anyways.. all the celebs are already in light denim this season.. i'm still keeping my options open on this one! xx

Alya said...

I cant imagine wearing denim jackets (reminds me of my awful UNFASHIONABLE teen years).. But I never give up on my jeans! Never!