Sunday, June 1, 2008

girls just want to have fun!

we were part of the freej craze ;p

the most random things can make you throw gatherings as simple as "dotted jalabiyas & burge3"
a blast from the past, last erme'9an *heart

icecream truck, the board, the kayrum, the prizes, old junk, vintage radios, the er6ab, the ga3da, the burge3's - this was one crazy unforgettable gathering!

to being spontaneous! xx


nyxxie said...

hahaha how cute!!! <3

vogue said...

the pics are too cute! hope u had fun!! xoxo

p.s- did u get ur b.b yet? if so, wats ur pin?:p

Fastidious Babe said...

wanaaaaaasaaaa.. omg its been aaaages since i saw a KAAAYRAAAM board or whatever its called!

looks like loads of fun! xx

in my choos said...

nyxxie hehe <3's xx

vogue wayeddd!! ;p <3

fastidious anasaa only in erme'9an!! xx

shushu said...

anaasaaaa :D it was FUN!
allah ya36eekum il 3afia gurlz *thumbs up* (K)

in my choos said...

yeeyy!! glad you had fun<3

N said...

love it how you get too involved with the theme! hehe tres cuuute! :p