Sunday, June 8, 2008

in the summer time when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky!!

it's time:
to get your nails done with summery colors
to get your havaianas out (yummy)
to lay down by the beach sipping ~freezing drinks~ tanning
to listen to this song that's stuck in our heads ;p

we're loving the summer *heart* *heart*

have a wonderful summery day ~

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Anonymous said...

Love the colors of the Chanel nail polish!

pB said...

I love the new purple summery look! ;) the colors of the season are driving me crazy (in a good way)
I got to go get my nails done ASAP because of this post! Hope you guys enjoy all your summer days :)

in my choos said...

anon- us tooo ~ they're so yummyyy;p

pb- merciii<3 ee it's all bright and happy~ lool@ getting your nails done.. you're toooo cute!

kytheria said...

Girls you've been tagged *check my website*..the colorful summer sandals are gorgeous although they look like the toilet ones lool..

in my choos said...

yeah so gorgeous&comfy ;p