Thursday, June 5, 2008

swing low.

so you know how when its summer et al, new trends come out to replace those we have exhausted ever from winter to spring. each summer brings with it new ways of dressing up, new ways to feel light and flowy and breezy. this summer, we are introduced to a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling:baggy flowy pants, harem pants - fit on the waist and ankles, and super loose in between. vogue describes this attempt as "the impatient instinct to overturn the overdone - the the domination of dresses, skinny pants, and leggings". like us, you might wince at first at the thought of even attempting to wear this cut. but now its all about pants that do not look tidy and pristine anymore! tres avant-garde.

for those of you willing to embrace this summer's new pants, pair them with a sharp blazer and sharp super high heels.


"drop everything" - vogue june 2008, p84.
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nyxxie said...

this look will never ever be mine.

Fastidious Babe said...

those look great on me XD and i tried them on awal ilsenna when H&M did them.. the trend has caught on to sports wear too, stella mcCartney did something similar for adidas! i think they are comfy and perfect for our weather right now! xx

Baroque said...

ummm.. laish?!

no, thank you.

this is what they call, a designer's "brain fart".. lol or lack of inspiration so they go wacky in order to find the next big thing.. xx