Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we really miss...*updated12345678910

this is a post that we would like to include you readers in

send us a photo of something you really, really miss. and we'll upload it! email us at in.my.choos@gmail.com xx

1."we miss london.. strolling down sloane, afternoon tea at laduree, and shopping shopping shopping !"

2." i miss paris! TERRIBLY!" fastidious babe

3. "I miss Mekkah, so much!" nyxxie

4. "i miss dining al fresco/picnics"

5. "i miss disney :D " mae

6."i miss the romantic-niss of walking aimlessly around PARIS" hikako

7. "i miss: daily dinner's at the meatpacking district followed by me flaunting the techniques of hailing a cabbie @ 1am. i nailed the whole finger jiggle dance baby!! lol" fashy

8. "i terribly miss signor sassi's lobster spaghetti" Vogue

9. "i miss marc when he was fun & whimsical" cheekbones

10. "i miss Maya's chocolate fondue in Bahrain" kytheria

11. " I Miss our late late snacks and chats in the Arcade room at the Grand Floridian" Lulu ^ Aniston



Fastidious Babe said...

loved the idea! just sent u an email XD

in my choos said...

yeeeyyy thanks babe!! we'll update right now <3

nyxxie said...

I was gona put a huge list of "i miss" things on my blog. anyway im emailing you the most thing i miss right now. xx

Hesperus said...

I was just about to say that I miss Walt Disney World. lol. :)

eshda3wa said...

amazing idea girls!

Anonymous said...

noora :p

nyxxie said...

i loved this post it was fun fun fun

yes im back home