Saturday, June 28, 2008

a second dosage.

Curled up on the sofa with the girls, we're watching the sex and the city movie for the second time, second of many more times to come ;p discussing the quirky outfits over rounds of tea, nutella, mini sandwiches, mini burgers, and our bberry's in hand, we couldn't help but share the moment with you all x for those who did not watch it yet, definately throw an satc night in!


shushu said...

cute <3

it was FUN! :D

nyxxie said...

how'd you manage to get it! ;p

I absolutely loved it!

Anonymous said...

7asafa i couldnt make it :(

wafaya said...

I've been trying to download it for the past week but all files r removed =( how did u get it?

pB said...

i was waiting for it to come out on dvd!!! lol i was trying to wait (supposedly) this post made me run and get it from the nearest place possible. I watched it last night and i loved it :)))))

وعــــ الإمارات ـــــد said...

i bet it's wonderful ^_^
i'll download it from the internet... i've seen few episonds from different seasons!!! I'll download all seasons inshallah soon.