Sunday, June 22, 2008

get off the sofa, NOW!

how many of you shed the weight you vowed to on your new year's resolution list? well, six months have passed and its summer already; its well about time to shed the kilos! if you tried everything and are still not so excited about trips to the gym, you need to get nagged! sign up your email on weightnags, and fet nagged mercilessly off the sofa to the gym ;p

to those who sign up, "Congrats, cupcakes! At least you've come this far. I bet your pants feel tight. Did you workout today?"

hilar!! xx


retro-nista said...

SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER cute blog! im totally signing up to weightnags! im ashamed to say ive been ditching the gym for shopping and napping! but hey! nothing is more of a calorie burner than walking in malls with super high louboutin's with friends!

Fastidious Babe said...

lool just what i need, more nagging! i've been repeating " I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT" for six months now.. and the results? I actually ended up putting more weight.. i think i attracted it a la the secret lol

nyxxie said...

I totally needed this!

Anonymous said...

The obnoxious,accusatory tone of weightnags just really turns me off. They prey and feed on insecurities. Why would anyone intentionally sign up to be belittled?

Seroo said...

My first nag from them started with "Hi Tubbo" - Brilliant.

**Queen B** said...

o god i need something like this, I been telling myself I need to lose weight, and i gained like 15 pounds need the motivation for somebody to say get your fat ass up, and work out!

Peony said...

lool! hilarious ! i just signed up !

eshda3wa said...

with passion!

but the blogs cuute!

Anonymous said...

the only way that would work for me is if they actually sent me someone who came to my house, woke me up, got me dressed, drove me to the gym and worked out on my behalf!!

in my choos said...

retro-nista: THANKKSS!! we love your blog even more <3 lool at the louboutin workout, that's so typically us ;P

fastidious babe & nyxxie: you should totally sign up :*

anon: it's meant to be sarcastic :p

seroo: looool ;D

queen b: hahahah ;p

peony: yeeyyy!!

eshda3wa: the gym is a place you love&hate, hehe <3

dandoon: too funnyyy! x