Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pace yourself.

In the winter, we dream of popsicle summers and colorful kaftans. Come summer, we plan our winter wardrobes. A mesmerizing coat we find in a magazine jump-starts random thoughts of a chocolat-chaud-full winter. Even the magazines we read are ahead of us by a month. We're surrounded by pre-fall collections hitting boutiques starting on a scorching day in July. Why can't we simply live the moment? Leave the summer for the summer, and winter for the winter? Easier said than done (unless you have super resistance powers of which I would like some thank you very much). Its too hard to resist all these beautiful winter pieces. But the thought of even trying on winter clothes during midsummer is horrific. Let's enjoy cool popsicles in the heat for now and worry about winter when it comes - if it ever does decently lol!

I wrote this post after reading Garrance Dore's "Some like it hot" post. Totally made me laugh out loud! So true, I've always wondered why we were always so ahead of ourselves.

So if there is one thing you learned today, let it be this piece of advice: pace and immerse yourself in the moment.

Ta ta x


To read Garrance's article, click here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture: hommage to the Middle East.

A whole collection paying hommage to the Middle East? Why thank you Riccardo Tisci, we're so flattered ;p

Models dressed like Beduin Queens in black & white chiffon robes paraded down the runway to nomadic karkabou tunes. Inspiration came from North African Queens as well as the Middle East. Models wore "Arabic headgear", hoods, and snoods, and were jeweled in gilded armors, gold cuffs, and metal rings. The overall beauty look consisted of bare faces and slick jet-black hair semi-covered in chiffon veils.

The monochrome collection was accentuated with two contrasting silhouettes: sensually harem and sharply tailored. Flesh-colored crepe gowns stood out quite dramatically.

Im in awe: couture-struck.

N xx

photocred: fashionologie

Standing Ovation.

Chanel Haute Couture FW09 10

More photos are rolling in as I type but I couldn't resist giving you all a first look of the collection, absolutely brilliant! The runway is adorned with huge Chanel no. 5 bottles from which the bride and groom came out! Oh Karl.

P.S sorry for being a slacker I promise to make it up to you readers by more fabulous posts asap x

fabulous dreams!

N xx

photocred: tfs

Thursday, June 18, 2009

To each their own!

What I love about fashion the most is seeing how it is interpreted in our daily lives. While it is so easy to grab the latest issue of Vogue and treat our eyes with the fabulous editorials, nothing beats the feeling of looking at fashion right in front of your eyes worn by "mere mortals". While the runways send down models wearing a look with specific hair, makeup, and accessories, the way it is taken from runway to realway is what makes it even more interesting.

Specifically, I adore looking at pictures of Parisian streetstyle.Stalking photos on Garrance Dore is a guilty pleasure. Their "je ne sais quoi" layering, killer heels on cobbled stones, and effortless hair is what makes me truely believe that Paris is the fashion capital of the world. Every Parisian wears an item differently, not taking into consideration what any of the current trends are. They simply throw things on and voila, they are styled to kill!

What inspired this post is a small note left after a post of one of my favorite streetstyle blogger, "Style and the City". Kamel Lahmadi, the guy behind the lens and amazing style captures, attempts to send out a message through his blog. His dream is to "humanize" fashion by showing the world that the real world is also beautiful and that "real" people have what it takes to be stylish.

Love the idea. I hope streetstyle gets more press and attention and that we all begin to appreciate what is around us rather than only what we see in magazines.


N. xx

photocred: jak&jill, styleandthecity,garancedore

Friday, May 29, 2009




Devi Kroell



It is time to downsize this summer; the pouchette is the perfect bag for hours and hours of shopping - fuss free and easy access to your magical plastic cards (also known as credit cards ;p )

May you all have a fantaschic summer ahead!