Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in a bidding war with Paula!

so to those of you who didn't watch the season 4 finale of project runway, don't worry we wont give it away ;p but today's update will tell a story of a bidding war between us and paula abdul lol!!
project runway was auctioning all the pieces off the runway, and the piece we chose from christian's oh so fierce collection went into a bidding war..4 minutes before the bid ended, the bidder "tulip08" kept insisting they win .. but i did not give up ;p and i won!
so how did i find out that tulip08 was paula? you see, nymag posted that Paula Abdul spent $3,000 on a dress made out of hershey wrappers..so out of curiosity, i went back to the auction site to see the Paula's bidding name..and guess what? she was registered under tulip08, non other than the person i fought with lol! it was her stylist .. he stayed up prettyyy late bidding on the top i won, considering that the auction ended at 10 am our time! i hope he doesn't get fired over us ;p
sorryy Paula!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

fresh summer look

everyone craves change every once in a while. and with summer right around the corner, this craving for a new look is at its peak. who says you have to pull something dramatic? if you regularly have a middle-parted hair, or no part, side-parted hair is an effortlessly chic you should embrace these following months with your gorgeous colorful printed summer dresses *hearT
as seen in S/S08 shows.

photo credit: tfs

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

little miss mayjah ♥

they say she has a collection of over 100 birkins, making her the envy of many. we say having david beckham alone is enough to make her the luckiest girl on earth. not to forget that marc pays her to dress her. and how she looks fabulous almost always. and how she is/was part of a sensational pop group the spice girls, who took the world by storm. from taking her boys to a broadway show, to the toy store, victoria beckham is always dresses up oh so glamorously. and we love it.

to stylish mom's x

photo credit: tfs

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maha's Bakery ~ UPDATED

A new bakery has opened it doors to all you sugar lovers *
from cupcakes, to cakes, to cookies, to brownies to doughnuts to everything nice.
as guilty as we feel coming home after spinning class we couldn't resist all these bright colored cupcakes. but it was SO SO so so worth it.

we tried these delights;
the red velvet-amazing
the vanilla- wowza
the nutella- ohmygod
the banana- yum
the sugared date balls- addictive

and there are lots more we have to try and can't wait till we have another bite!
everything was soooo scrumptious!
you guys seriouslyyyy have to try it!!!!

*the cupcakes took us back to s chool days when the whole school run over to maha when she had a plate of these bright cupcakes with her, everyone used to crave them and couldn't wait until the next time she gets them- thank god she has a bakery now ;p

~it's baked and sealed with love and a dose of maha's magic~
for orders email maha at sweettooth.bah@gmail.com

Saturday, March 15, 2008

keefik entah? <3

from getting tickets to sitting in the gorgeous weather listening to her sing away, we felt soo lucky ;p on Wednesday, March 12th, Feiruz held a concert in Bahrain - i'm sure you read all about in the papers..fabulous night!

the weather was AMAZING like unbelievably breezy! with the concert supposed to be starting at 8:30, by 9:15, the band came out, w 9:20 feiruz walked out from backstage .. lots of people stood and there was alot of cheering ..

right before the intermission, a few people were beginning to doze off .. she was singing depresssingggly slow songs lol! after the intermission her song choices woke everyone up they were very fast and everyone kept singing and clapping..the best part was the last..

during her first farewell, as soon as she stepped backstage, a lot of people were already down next to the door .. elmohem ella this guy at that moment started chanting "FEYYYROOOOOOZ, FEIRUZ!!" and then everyyyone around him chanted with him until the whole audience was chanting .. and to our surprise she came back and everyyyone went crazy! so she sang a song and went back .. and again chants the guy and everyone copies him and she comes back, sings, and goes .. then the third time when he chanted we laughed and cried our eyes out ya3ni khalaaa9!! ellllla she came back a THIRD time LOL!!! mn 9iji everyone was standing up mshta6eiiin it was sooo much fun .. the third time she walked out, she whispered in the maestro's ear, sang a song, waved for a long time .. and left .. the lights immediately came on and the band stood up and left lol ya3ni khala9 chanting or no chanting it had to end! waw what a night!

if you haven't seen feiruz yet, it's on your MUST-DO list!


photo credit: getty images

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

blunt bangs.

bangs were always in since audrey's cute '50s bangs, to jane's and passed down to her daughter, to nicole's and camilla's ...

photo credit:elle.com

Sunday, March 9, 2008

bringing home the birkin.

not only does April mark the month before the SATC movie is out, but it is also a month closer to the summer vacayy ;p most importantly, April is when the book Bringing Home the Birkin is finally released! This book talks about how Hermes created a fake waiting list in order to make their bags increasingly coveted; if you know how to ask for the bag, you can get one on the spot. The book chronicles Micheal Tonello's venture around the world buying Birkin's, proving his point of the lists, and reselling bags for a living. He provided many same- day birkins for the wealthy, receiving heavy commissions. Many fashionistas have him on speed dial.

pre-order a copy today before they sell out ;o and no matter how many times we hear "don't judge a book by its cover", who can resist the croc cover of this book?

photo credit: nypost, bringinghomethebirkin.com, amazon

Friday, March 7, 2008


missing nobu and the loud waitress greeting~

the food-yumyumyum, anyways we decided to stay in and try to make our own sushi. we tried, we really did. we tried following everything it said in the cookbook lol but in the end it was just lump of bumpy sticky rice ;p and omg the spices we bought were the wrong ones, ew est'3fer allah.. imagine sushi with indian spices . no.no.no . we also got "hellokitty" chopsticks sososo adorable and some japanese umbrellas for the table hehe;p the sushi we made looked so wrong, it looked like a baby ;s so we ordered in and had normal sushi :)

oyasuminasai, gnite xx