Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in a bidding war with Paula!

so to those of you who didn't watch the season 4 finale of project runway, don't worry we wont give it away ;p but today's update will tell a story of a bidding war between us and paula abdul lol!!
project runway was auctioning all the pieces off the runway, and the piece we chose from christian's oh so fierce collection went into a bidding war..4 minutes before the bid ended, the bidder "tulip08" kept insisting they win .. but i did not give up ;p and i won!
so how did i find out that tulip08 was paula? you see, nymag posted that Paula Abdul spent $3,000 on a dress made out of hershey wrappers..so out of curiosity, i went back to the auction site to see the Paula's bidding name..and guess what? she was registered under tulip08, non other than the person i fought with lol! it was her stylist .. he stayed up prettyyy late bidding on the top i won, considering that the auction ended at 10 am our time! i hope he doesn't get fired over us ;p
sorryy Paula!!


LEAN said...


ur cuz said...

YESSS!!! I want to see it too! Good for u!!!

Anonymous said...

saw it but i wanna ask why did you choose this piece ? please answer me ASAP ...(auf wiedersehen) you're out !

in my choos said...

lean, i will post as soon as it gets here x its an OTT ruffled blouse

ur cuz imagine after i told you about the auction i found out about paula and you came to mind! ;p will show you x

anonymous, why i chose the blouse? initially, it wasn't my first choice .. i wanted the blazer with the scarf .. and i bidded on both but ended up winning the blouse .. anything will do i just want to own a piece of the runway! lol @ auf *giggles [dramatic crying scene and running backstage]

Anonymous said...

hahaha i was jk you're right ANY piece by Christine would be fierce!