Wednesday, March 19, 2008

little miss mayjah ♥

they say she has a collection of over 100 birkins, making her the envy of many. we say having david beckham alone is enough to make her the luckiest girl on earth. not to forget that marc pays her to dress her. and how she looks fabulous almost always. and how she is/was part of a sensational pop group the spice girls, who took the world by storm. from taking her boys to a broadway show, to the toy store, victoria beckham is always dresses up oh so glamorously. and we love it.

to stylish mom's x

photo credit: tfs


ur cuz said...

I'm beyond jealous of her birkin collection!

kytheria said...

Her style is amazing, and i think she looks really good in casual wear too, although she's not a best dressed but she always catches my attention..

vogue said...

i want al her birkins!!!!!!
although i prefer kellys much more. :p