Saturday, March 15, 2008

keefik entah? <3

from getting tickets to sitting in the gorgeous weather listening to her sing away, we felt soo lucky ;p on Wednesday, March 12th, Feiruz held a concert in Bahrain - i'm sure you read all about in the papers..fabulous night!

the weather was AMAZING like unbelievably breezy! with the concert supposed to be starting at 8:30, by 9:15, the band came out, w 9:20 feiruz walked out from backstage .. lots of people stood and there was alot of cheering ..

right before the intermission, a few people were beginning to doze off .. she was singing depresssingggly slow songs lol! after the intermission her song choices woke everyone up they were very fast and everyone kept singing and clapping..the best part was the last..

during her first farewell, as soon as she stepped backstage, a lot of people were already down next to the door .. elmohem ella this guy at that moment started chanting "FEYYYROOOOOOZ, FEIRUZ!!" and then everyyyone around him chanted with him until the whole audience was chanting .. and to our surprise she came back and everyyyone went crazy! so she sang a song and went back .. and again chants the guy and everyone copies him and she comes back, sings, and goes .. then the third time when he chanted we laughed and cried our eyes out ya3ni khalaaa9!! ellllla she came back a THIRD time LOL!!! mn 9iji everyone was standing up mshta6eiiin it was sooo much fun .. the third time she walked out, she whispered in the maestro's ear, sang a song, waved for a long time .. and left .. the lights immediately came on and the band stood up and left lol ya3ni khala9 chanting or no chanting it had to end! waw what a night!

if you haven't seen feiruz yet, it's on your MUST-DO list!


photo credit: getty images


Z~ said...

wow you guys are so lucky!! >,<

eshda3wa said...

luckyyy uuu!
i would LOVE to see fairouz!

Aljoud said...

luckyyyyyyy gals!!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it.. I saw some clips of the concert and thebt fee mkani lol I cant imagine how you girls felt like!
<3 love you

Anonymous said...

lucky*a mill!! fairuz is soo ethereal and glamourousssss <3

nyxxie said...


in my choos said...

mercii for passing by everyone ♥ wish you all could have made it, it was SURRRREAL!!


PinkChampagne said...

Im so glad you had fun....shes a beautiful artist truly a legend of our time and mashalla were so lucky our generation still gets to meet her...its done! On my list of things to do one day enshalla xx