Sunday, March 9, 2008

bringing home the birkin.

not only does April mark the month before the SATC movie is out, but it is also a month closer to the summer vacayy ;p most importantly, April is when the book Bringing Home the Birkin is finally released! This book talks about how Hermes created a fake waiting list in order to make their bags increasingly coveted; if you know how to ask for the bag, you can get one on the spot. The book chronicles Micheal Tonello's venture around the world buying Birkin's, proving his point of the lists, and reselling bags for a living. He provided many same- day birkins for the wealthy, receiving heavy commissions. Many fashionistas have him on speed dial.

pre-order a copy today before they sell out ;o and no matter how many times we hear "don't judge a book by its cover", who can resist the croc cover of this book?

photo credit: nypost,, amazon


Fastidious Babe said...

loved the cover,April is my personal favorite month

must get the book, thats one step towards getting my red croc birkin xD

hikako said...

sounds illusive! i know it doenst take 2 years to make the bag , but i read somewhere it takes 6 months to fully dye the leather and actually make the bag

in my choos said...

fastidious babe- yeey hope you get your hands on all the birkins you want <3 o and ya btw i took the "what kind of coffee are you" test and i turned out to be a frappacino lool ;p

hikako- i read on the purseforum that it take 12-15 hours to make one birkin not sure~

vogue said...

i've always knew it was all an act. i mean why is it so easy for bottega to get ther croc. skin anytime whilst hermes takes them 1-2 yrs? that's impossible. last summer my aunt entered the hermes boutique in paris and asked about the ostrich birkin in which they replied "oh no no no, the waiting list is closed" my aunt took a stroll around the boutique and bought two snake skin cuffs and three scarfs. as she was paying, the same woman came up to her and whispered in her ear "you know..we have one left if u want to see it"