Sunday, July 27, 2008

its clear to me ..

Why everyone loves mornings! In the past couple of fabulous days, I have deciphered the hype about mornings with the help of bff my Alice who switched her maryjanes to ysl star flats for our lond walks in the park, endless talks, lattes in all sizes and forms, shopping for vintage postcards, et museum visits- standing outside, even before they open mind you! ;p
I have neverrrr spent funner and more productive mornings like these past few ones- a perfect way to start the day!

Being a night owl, I must admit I would never imagined saying that in these past few days, I wished the nigh was non existant. I wish it is always sunny outside, exactly like it is in the morning. Actually, I wouldnt mind if mornings were extended to half of the day! Our morning sessions wrap up with noting down our discussion's concluding notes, a warm hug, and the next meeting point. Dear Alice, thank you for changing me into a morning person, for being you, for all the memories, all the talks, and all the good times! Tu es one of a kind, too good to be true that I constantly have to pinch you just to make sure ;p

The rest of the day involves endless laughter, self-timer photos (pouting/peace sign-ing et al) red velvet cupcakes, movies, lots of walking, and spontaneous picnics.

Lots of precious memories made, all documented by photos and hopefully will forever be etched in mind to come back and reflect upin post summer. Sigh. What a fabulous summer! h*. can't wait for you to come and add to the fabulousnesss!! *heartss


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

inmychoos swears by ..

genetic denim!! if you're looking for heaven sent jeans, genetic is the way to go x extremely lightweight and super soft (perfect for the summer vacay!), you can never switch back to your true religons no matter how loyal you are ;p trust me! oh, and to top all that, they are extremely flattering! simply fabulous!

If you are in Bahrain, make sure to check them out at J boutique. otherwise, you'll find them at all major department stores! xx

stock up ;)

photo credit: ellegirl

Sunday, July 13, 2008

i'm in the city of wonders

so here i am drowned in bed, the most wonderful feeling ever. i was telling noona that i told them not to wake me up till september! haha ;p anyways i had to drop by and post an update..
so, i went to watch the mama mia musical with a friend she's such a sweetheart<3> i can't get the music out of my head and its been a couple of days already lol. "mamma mia, here i go again ;p"

and yeah one of those many days at laduree camilla belle was having tea in the table next to us, i kept staring wondering if it was her.. i was too shy to ask so i asked my friend to ask her lol and she was like yeah hehe then i waved hi ;p i snapped a picture of her when she went down to order some macaroons <3>

anyways here i am 5th avenue-ing
im in heaven plus a dream filled with chocolate eclairs and marshmallows ah. and the favorite of all bergdorf.

oh yeah and the most embarrassing moment: i was waiting for the elevator with my sister and she dared me to say "heyyyy" -which i always do- in a high pitched way as if i'm going to start singing~ when the elevator door opens. and i was like i could do that! haha! the whole time i was here the elevator always comes empty WHY NOW. lol so i was like "heeyyy" with a waving arm. and there they were a man and his wife staring like i was some kind of an idiot!

a couple of shots of the past few days


~laduree is getting bigger!

~the new iPhones are out. the line was crazy!

~shopping down madison.heart


~@koi. i can't remember how many edamames i had!

~i want to stick my face in that fountain lol.

~the shoe floor <3> at saks though i love bergdorf's more!

~@ daniels. the waiters are skilled! they place all the plates on the table at the same time. they won't let you put your bag on the floor there's like a stand, to put your bags. and those mini muffins are yummy!

sending you hugs&kisses

~i miss you noona so much! lool the crocs fun fun fun!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Snow white is so passe.

Facing the bluest pool, on my left tanning essentials, on my right a bottle of ice cold water, surrounded by the bestest company ever, bliss! h*, awaiting your 5th ave post!

Mun1 in crocs, mun 2 in neon nails! <3

Um fa6ma, if you're reading this, yes I was posting whilst tanning ;p it is one super fun gathering! Xx

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Raindrops on roses"

Mint chocolate chip icecream, therapeutic sessions with besties, random txts, tea in a plastic/paper cup, emails, genuine et uncontrollable laughter, expressive cards, my sister and her randomness, alice and going through wonderland avec elle, (ooo and her maryjanes, which she currently ditched for gladiators?) spontaneous road trips to nyc, trampolines, pulling an all nighter to have"the" latte at the cafe by marc at 9 a.m, the smell of dawn and the air after the rain, sleepovers..

What are your favorite things that put a smile on your face?

*post inspired whilst sipping latte and reading harpers xx
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Karl does Dubai!

"Dubai Infinity Holdings bring "Haute Homes" to Dubai through signing legendary fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld to Isla Moda"

"There are a zillion hotels opening in Dubai, lots of which are being designed by the likes of Armani and Lacroix. But now, it looks like Karl's taking the grand designs of the UAE's fun hub to another level.

Dubai Infinity Holdings just announced that Karl will design 80 residential homes for them, including a limited-edition design (we're picturing leather glove wallpaper, but we'll see.)

But here's the best part: The homes will sit atop Isla Moda, one of the many man-made islands that make up The World, a cluster of islands in the Arabian Gulf meant to be a play land away from the play land from which anyone with about $15 - $50 million can purchase an island (we hear Jay-Z has one.)

The particular island of Isla Moda will be the first island in history to be dedicated to fashion - picture fashion-themed residential villas (what Karl plus a few other as-of-yet unnamed designers are working on), more boutiques than Madison Avenue, style concierges, design consultation services, a perfumery, and we can't even image what else." - fashionista

we'd like one of those, thankyouverymuch xx 


Friday, July 4, 2008

a new twist..

to the classic scarf! we've tried everything, from tying it to the side from wearing it with a scarf ring, to turning it into a headband. here's a fabulous new way to wear it, as a fabric necklace!! After seeing her scarf at garance dore, we decided to play diy at home with a favorite scarf! tres simple yet so cute, you take the scarf and here's a step by step to what you do:

1. Place the scarf flat on the floor, and take two corners and fold them into the middle of the square.

2. fold the two sides in again and again until the scarf looks like one narrow folded piece.

3. create knots by placing your hand where you want the knot to form, make a loop, and simply pull in the longer side of the scarf in the loop and secure a knot. place your hand a few inches away from the first knot and form a second knot. Keep forming knots until there is only 2 strands on each side of the necklace scarf for you to be able to tie it around your neck.

4. look fabulous!! 

photo credit: garance dore

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

After a super cozy breakfast gathering at home, we headed to studio ceramics at al aali to make the most of the "morning" ;p the most I've been doing with my hands lately is txt/bberry lol, so had to kick in some productivity with a dash of fun a la old times <3 painted our own mugs, mine adorned with stars a la mode lol - trying to make it as imperfect as possible because I believe that beauty comes from imperfection! x

P.S: h*-seriously misssss you already!!!!!! *sigh .. <3's.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Mini Chanel lipstick - tresss adorable and handy! Next time you go makeup shopping, make sure to ask them for testers!


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