Sunday, July 27, 2008

its clear to me ..

Why everyone loves mornings! In the past couple of fabulous days, I have deciphered the hype about mornings with the help of bff my Alice who switched her maryjanes to ysl star flats for our lond walks in the park, endless talks, lattes in all sizes and forms, shopping for vintage postcards, et museum visits- standing outside, even before they open mind you! ;p
I have neverrrr spent funner and more productive mornings like these past few ones- a perfect way to start the day!

Being a night owl, I must admit I would never imagined saying that in these past few days, I wished the nigh was non existant. I wish it is always sunny outside, exactly like it is in the morning. Actually, I wouldnt mind if mornings were extended to half of the day! Our morning sessions wrap up with noting down our discussion's concluding notes, a warm hug, and the next meeting point. Dear Alice, thank you for changing me into a morning person, for being you, for all the memories, all the talks, and all the good times! Tu es one of a kind, too good to be true that I constantly have to pinch you just to make sure ;p

The rest of the day involves endless laughter, self-timer photos (pouting/peace sign-ing et al) red velvet cupcakes, movies, lots of walking, and spontaneous picnics.

Lots of precious memories made, all documented by photos and hopefully will forever be etched in mind to come back and reflect upin post summer. Sigh. What a fabulous summer! h*. can't wait for you to come and add to the fabulousnesss!! *heartss



Baroque said...

you must have done something other than eat, we want pictures of things and not just delicious treats that seem to make one fatter by just looking at them ;p

hope you have a blast!

Emaratioryx said...

I'm so glad you discovered the pleasure of a morning walk.. Nothing beats a c'puccino too ;)

nyxxie said...

I miss mornings.
I think we swapped lives :p

nawary said...

yay. i love the orange polish.the nutella crepes the ysl stars and large doses of coffee this update is just as scrumptious as u girls are! ROCK london. and post soon.!! have a pistache macaroon krmaly while ur at it. luv u & missing u kteer kteer xx

retro-nista said...

I LOVE UR BLOG! ur trip looks soo Yummy!