Saturday, August 2, 2008

take me to newyork i'd love to see l.a

i left my heart in san francisco, high on a hill it calls to me
to be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars ;p

the rotanda cafe @neiman~ i love the view

the view from the elevator

look at how the cars are parked on the hill hehe

cable cars <3>

this guy stands by saks with a different outfit every morning, singing some blues.. so cute! he says he was singing in "the pursuit of happyness" in the very beginning.

the crookedest street filled with flowers. beautiful

kulfi & rasmalai *

breakfast by rodeo <3> the best way to start the day ;p

i loved the book it's so sexandthecity!

it's a really long queue for yoga, i don't know what's so special about the place. but i never expected to see a long queue over yoga lol

i loved the view from the patio!

not soo yummyyy! ;p

@beso it's justin timberlake's table! woho!


i love how their window display is @ prada <3> so creative

lots of love,, h*

about the earthquake here's what happened: we were walking from the hotel to neiman marcus and we didn't feel it! lol ehtazayna o ma7sayna! we got in neiman marcus and everything was all over the place! we were like what happened?? the guy was like did you feel the earthquake??!! nooo we didn't loool! and at the hotel they said that the alarm went on. we were just a block away walking and we didn't feel it.. lol i laughed so much ;p


Layla said...

ALLAAAYYY wanasaaaa.. it seems like lotsa fun indeeed. Pursuit of happYness is my favorite movie, shakle bard ashoofa mn awal. i might notice that dude. o alf 7amdelah 3al salamah. the earthquake news was very frightening since lots of ppl r in the states this summer =<

Zabo0o6a said...

WOW, seems like loads of fun !
3alaikum bel3afya ;)

in my choos said...

layla- i like how you have the "y" capitalized ;p lol i'll change it right now i thought it was happiness.. me too i have to check the movie out to see him singing hehe.. allah esalmech sweetie <3
thanks for the comment x

zabo0o6a- allah e3afech babe, thanks for passing by xox

sourire said...

omg i'm in l.a too haha i MUST have bumped into u..wayid khalijiyeen.. if u see a girl with a lime green kelly thats me lol, mistansa 3alaiha! just bought it and I'm strolling around with it e v e r y w h e r e.. tehe xx LOVE UR BLOG :)

in my choos said...

loool i don't remember ;p cutteee the kelly, 3laich bel3afya <3 <3
i tried checking your blog out but it's invites only ;p
thanks for passing by,enjoy l.a xox

hikako said...

i was sleeping in that day and the earthquake woke me up... my dad was walking when it happened and he said if your moving you can't feel it. but OM?G it was fun in a weird way :p

pb said...

h* i was here too!! i saw you by starbucks with my sisters after your ivy lunch!! I was in the car just passing by hehe!! about the earthquake i was just waking up and i thought i was having a head rush!! lol
see you soooon :)

in my choos said...

5asaraahhhh we didn't meet up!! ;(
missing you <3
loool @ the head rush ;p

nyxxie said...

LOOOOOOOVE the pics husoosa <3