Monday, August 11, 2008

it's electrifyin'

musical hopping & singing out loud ;p


purple lusts



Fastidious Babe said...

purple is so totally the colour du jour! i cant get enough of it right now! *and my nails are painted purple as i type* so there u go lol x

Anonymous said...

the blue nail polish in the first photo made my heart skip a beat! i love it! details svp?

in my choos said...

fastidious babe- same here babe x

anon- it's actually purple but it looks blue from the flash hehe ;p i'm not sure of the name but it's from harvey's nail bar xx

N said...

love the heartfelt rich purple! SO lavish!

nyxxie said...

I thought grease was overrated :p

Meticulous said...

Greasee! Im so jelous !

Alya said...

Grease lightniiiiiin'' GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO.. !

LOVE IT!! I loved the photos of your vacations.. So much fun!

BTW, your background is so cool!


i agree abt the background part :D
ah i never thought that blue nail polish can look good in anybody till i saw it here! xoxo mwha~

retro-nista said...

Loooove the nail polish! looks amazing on u!

I literally live in M.A.C's vintage vamp this season! thats a really cool color too since were ditching the bright summery colors for more wintery ones !


nyxxie said...

mbrak 3laikum el shahrr