Thursday, November 29, 2007

winter wonderland**

Waking up in the morning with the darkest skies. Bundling up in our favorite scarves. cutting tags off our winter clothes. Getting our winter coat out of the winter closet. BBQ-ing and having hot chocolate outdoors. These are the few of our favorite things! We thought the winter would never come mn 7annnatna but its finally here but not quite here (en5af ensharda ;p) lol yeey!!

It really is the season to be jolly. December is HERE!! which means one thing: the Starbucks Christmas to-go cups are out!! Lol no we're kidding. December means family and friends who study abroad are coming back for holiday!! SO exciting!! Bahrain also looks its best in December, all lit up for national day <3

December is also the time to reflect back on the whole year. Funny (or more like freaky) how fast time flies!!

Below when we were in London craving winter - @ the ice bar lol ;p

Before we say goodnight here's a to do list for this winter <3
  • get out the ankle boots you're dieing to wear!
  • if you haven't already, invest in a fabulous scarf or shawl
  • dress up your coffee or tea with the hautest to-go coffee mugs ever!!
  • the gloves you were wanting to wear since forEVER!
  • throw the yummiest BBQ with all your fabulous friends (take pictures & share -so much fun)
  • and don't forget Starbucks and their delicious seasonal coffees !!!
this list will be updated occasionally ;p

be warm, safe and enjoy your winter wonderland <3<3-goodnight

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3rd grade is the new black

Trend Alert~* hair bows and stars

Looking sooo 3rd grade has never been hauter. Dramatic hair bows (preferably satin) are a very cute way to soften your look and give it a younger touch. From Chanel to Williamson, they were everywhere on the runways! We're getting black satin fabric today to try to interpret the look ♥ If you feel that a hair bow worn as a headband is too dramatic for your look and would like something more subtle, tie a bow around your pony tail~ Never thought inspiration may come from your baby sister/daughter? Time to raid their hair accessories ;p

An evening take to hairbows is making a bow out of your own hair a la h* ♥ (so HAUTE!)

Another emerging trend is also comes from a nursery rhyme - twinkle twinkle little staR* ~ stars are dubbed the new skulls!! abuse them!!!! YSL and Chanel sent stars on every garment down their runway shows this fall ♥ We had stars henna-ed on our fingers this summer in Orlando lol if you only knew what we had to go through just to get these done .. walking in the HORRIFYING heat in our long summer dresses into the Epcot, walking through Canada, London, Paris, THEN reaching Morocco to get the stars done lol hilarE but SO worth it!!

wishing you a starry fab night xx


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

red soles stole my soul~*

First Louboutin moment ..

Reminiscing on days we first experienced the thrill of firey red soles~

Looking back a year from today.. running around in our loulous, shopping for secret Santa gifts -oh my god -death by blisters ;p it's worth the pain: what's hauter than running around with red soles! there are no words to expres
s the feeling of being surrounded by louboutins (bergdorf shoe salon aaaahhh!!) each one of them screming PICK ME! Throughout the year we face life changing choices [which pair, which pair] (we're being over dramatic ;p but, you get the point) or rushing to get the perfect pair before your sister does lol ;p

"The Goddess Guide" by Gisele Scanlon profiles the magical shoe designer-CHHRRRIISSTTIIIAANN
LOUBOUTTTIIINNN (applause) - he's funny, cute and for heaven's sake he started the red soles ..

a piece of history: - how this all started

Gisele: "Why are the soles of all your shoes red?"
"An assistant in the office always use to wear the same color red lipstick and matching nail polish. One day i asked to borrow it and coated the bottom of a pair of stilettos just to see what is would look like, et voila! "

the louboutin craze:

-share with us your first
louboutin moments :D

* does it annoy you when the red starts to fade?

-Harper's Bazaar UK-Oct-07: you can get your red soles REpainted!! you can get them done in Harrods, Gucci, and KG shoes.. it only takes a week!!
"Christian Louboutin entrusts his famous red soles to one man in the UK -George at KG shoes, a former shoemaker.Harrods and Gucci also trust him with their resoling needs."
(0207 7387 2234)

wishing you a life filled with red soles and red hearts <3>

Monday, November 26, 2007

"the one with the yellow bag"

The invite for today's opening clearly said, in arabic print, "7afl cocktail."
This immediately tells you that if you have been denying your need for a perfect LBD-little black dress-, now is the time to regret everything you said lol ;o No matter how fancy a top we have, the word "cocktail" dismisses the idea of anything but a cute party's my scenario: waking up this morning having a discussion avec maman.. she thinks its okay to go in a fancy top and not having to go in a dress in attempt to calm me down lol (i switched to crisis mode at 8 a.m).. i agree that going with an over the top heavily embroidered cocktail dress is not appropriate to this event, at least wear a dress..

anyways, i finish class at 12:30 and have a hair appointment at 2 p.m so i have an hour to rush and find something to wear. SO not me i usually can't sleep without knowing what to wear to class tomorrow.. im typing this in class and do not know the outcome of tonight.. lets pray i find something!! On the other hand, h* already has a FGLD-fab grey LIM dress-and decided on everything from shoes to lipstick color ;p

*~Update: after the party
Everyone was dolled up and looked really cute & the opening was FuN..while we were waiting i told the girls how much i enjoy openings <3..

everyone rushed in, grabbed items that cought their eye, and left with Yellow bags!

moral of the day: ALWAYS have a LBD in stock!! h* lol im sorry i told you i don't see the point of a lbd last week- lesson learned ;P


Sunday, November 25, 2007


We're here!! Alot of things happened todayyy .. first we spent a good 3 hours watching the finale of Project Runway season 3 (Micheal Dreamy) while sipping a whole dalla of chai 7aleeb .. we then jumped into our tech savvy nike's which count cals and walked around the neighborhood with each one of us singing our lungs out on different tunes lol - burning a total of 400 calories enjoying the FAB weather ;p Got back in and began to discuss our outfits for the opening of Fendi boutique tomorrow - MAJAAAAH (h* already decided on her cocktail dress but /\/'s not feeling so majaah right now - she's yet to raid her closet!!) We then decided start this blog which is going to be our fashionista playground so enjoyy xx

Bonne nuit ~ dream of macaroons & louboutins ;)

/\/ & h*