Thursday, November 29, 2007

winter wonderland**

Waking up in the morning with the darkest skies. Bundling up in our favorite scarves. cutting tags off our winter clothes. Getting our winter coat out of the winter closet. BBQ-ing and having hot chocolate outdoors. These are the few of our favorite things! We thought the winter would never come mn 7annnatna but its finally here but not quite here (en5af ensharda ;p) lol yeey!!

It really is the season to be jolly. December is HERE!! which means one thing: the Starbucks Christmas to-go cups are out!! Lol no we're kidding. December means family and friends who study abroad are coming back for holiday!! SO exciting!! Bahrain also looks its best in December, all lit up for national day <3

December is also the time to reflect back on the whole year. Funny (or more like freaky) how fast time flies!!

Below when we were in London craving winter - @ the ice bar lol ;p

Before we say goodnight here's a to do list for this winter <3
  • get out the ankle boots you're dieing to wear!
  • if you haven't already, invest in a fabulous scarf or shawl
  • dress up your coffee or tea with the hautest to-go coffee mugs ever!!
  • the gloves you were wanting to wear since forEVER!
  • throw the yummiest BBQ with all your fabulous friends (take pictures & share -so much fun)
  • and don't forget Starbucks and their delicious seasonal coffees !!!
this list will be updated occasionally ;p

be warm, safe and enjoy your winter wonderland <3<3-goodnight


fashionjaw said...

thank god!! i found another cute fashion girls around!! lol

r u twins or something? this is really cutie. I can't wait to use my boots!! luuuv the mugs!

thanks .. :)

in my choos said...

ur blog is so cute as well <3
-lol we're fashion twins ;)
usss tooo we can't wait to get them outtt hehe ..
thanks ;p

fashy said...

your gorgeousness-ess lol luved the update..please note that december is also the month i was born in -ive dedicated the coming 31 days for high flying fashion. red gwen stefani lips and lots and lots of helium baloooooons lol do take a day to celebrate the fashy vibes full on!! hehe

enjoy the colder faber month of the year!! x

in my choos said...

gorgeoussssnesss back at you ;p we sure will!! enjoy each day of your month-long birthday celebrations <3 <3 happy birthday x 31 times :*


nyxx said...

hey girlies im in london your blog actually makes me want to come back home! it's pouring here not freezing yet though and are you serioussss!! winter gloves in bahrain i dont even wear them here!! lol!! anywayyy our (fashy&I) month of december is one to enjoy the most, so dress gorgeous, spray lots of perfume and have as much starbucks as you can as long as you've got them trainers for the aftermath hehehe enjoyyyy

in my choos said...

heey nyxx.. we actually do wear gloves when it's cold, here in bahrain or in london.. it keeps us warm ;p
the trainers are always here and we hope to keep on dieting throughout the winter !! wish us luck :)
enjoy london & your month

Aljoud said...

love them Pucci gloves!!! lol I cant wait till it cools down (and pours) here! I love it when I'm freezing and when my nose feels like falling off :p

in my choos said...

jewels, love that too lol!! the pucci gloves all yours when it snows in dubai ;p


Hess said...

Although things are beautiful here. Snow, christmas lights and decorations, carols and what not, I so want to be back with u guys and the bahraini "winter"!! I dont care imma wear my boots n ear muffs w chna il3eed.. i miss u girls see u sooon xx..

in my choos said...

we missss you more hess!!<3 can't wait to have you back lol @ chnna el3eed ;p mabega shayyy cuu soon love xx