Monday, November 26, 2007

"the one with the yellow bag"

The invite for today's opening clearly said, in arabic print, "7afl cocktail."
This immediately tells you that if you have been denying your need for a perfect LBD-little black dress-, now is the time to regret everything you said lol ;o No matter how fancy a top we have, the word "cocktail" dismisses the idea of anything but a cute party's my scenario: waking up this morning having a discussion avec maman.. she thinks its okay to go in a fancy top and not having to go in a dress in attempt to calm me down lol (i switched to crisis mode at 8 a.m).. i agree that going with an over the top heavily embroidered cocktail dress is not appropriate to this event, at least wear a dress..

anyways, i finish class at 12:30 and have a hair appointment at 2 p.m so i have an hour to rush and find something to wear. SO not me i usually can't sleep without knowing what to wear to class tomorrow.. im typing this in class and do not know the outcome of tonight.. lets pray i find something!! On the other hand, h* already has a FGLD-fab grey LIM dress-and decided on everything from shoes to lipstick color ;p

*~Update: after the party
Everyone was dolled up and looked really cute & the opening was FuN..while we were waiting i told the girls how much i enjoy openings <3..

everyone rushed in, grabbed items that cought their eye, and left with Yellow bags!

moral of the day: ALWAYS have a LBD in stock!! h* lol im sorry i told you i don't see the point of a lbd last week- lesson learned ;P



hikako said...

forgot to say , i'm falling in love with your blog, and i'm already in love with it's name *.*

in my choos said...

that's good to know!! exciting!! thanks for your support babe <3

Anonymous said...

this site is soo Yummy.. u girls are too cute for def. gonna pay daily visits n c wats up with u and whats in style so u better keep stuff updated;)

Hess said...

ohh.. and its hess jst incase u didnt find that out already..

in my choos said...

hesss <3<3 thanks for the comment! stuff will be updated inshallah ;p
lov you!!

Anonymous said...

love u toooo