Sunday, November 25, 2007


We're here!! Alot of things happened todayyy .. first we spent a good 3 hours watching the finale of Project Runway season 3 (Micheal Dreamy) while sipping a whole dalla of chai 7aleeb .. we then jumped into our tech savvy nike's which count cals and walked around the neighborhood with each one of us singing our lungs out on different tunes lol - burning a total of 400 calories enjoying the FAB weather ;p Got back in and began to discuss our outfits for the opening of Fendi boutique tomorrow - MAJAAAAH (h* already decided on her cocktail dress but /\/'s not feeling so majaah right now - she's yet to raid her closet!!) We then decided start this blog which is going to be our fashionista playground so enjoyy xx

Bonne nuit ~ dream of macaroons & louboutins ;)

/\/ & h*


sham3h said...

Mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooook ya banat :) inshalaaaah this place prospers by the day and becomes a gateway for you to share your thoughts with the world :)

ma enwa9eeekom 3ala el9owar from the boutique opening ;)


Naser said...

I like the premiere...
I hope it lasts for many many seasons :D

baskootta said...

Hi there.. mbroooooooooken 3al blog..keeep it up.. and please weeeee wanna see picturess of fendi opening =D

Yosor said...

Hey girls....good job....

As you said..this is your playground...Enjoy it ;)

I saved the link and would check you girls out every now and then...

Mr Fur said...

mabroook and i wish you two many years of happy b*logging!

karroozi said...

mabrrooook 3ala el launch...

looking forward to your posts =D

lots of luv


Maryam said...

finally an alternative addiction to facebook lolololol CANT WAIT for the next update (and the next and the next and the next :p:p:p)

fashy said...

YAAAAAY joy to the blogging world. finally some much anticipated funk and styleeeeee!!!

you girls rock i cant wait to see manymanymanymany more posts.



Aljoud said...

YAAY Congraaaaaaats!!
bdayat meshwar el naja7 fee el masserat el fashion lol
I'm super duper happy cz you started this!! XD
And how smart is the name!! ;)
Can't wait for the new posts..
luv you.

hikako said...

i've always wanted /\/ to have a blog i could visit ... and thank god its here .... i hope you cousins have a blast , and share the details *.*

in my choos said...

sham3h- allaahh ebareekk thanks :) we posted pictures of the opening-we hope you like it
Thanks again <3
nasser- yeey we hope you like the other posts as well..
inshallah it lasts thanks for your support :)
baskootta- cute name ;p allah ebarek, we hope you're loving it :*
yosor-thaaannnkkss gorge <3~
nadd-thank you, allah ebarek :):)
karrozi-hehe we're glad that you are !! yeeyy! allah ebarek :*
maryam-loool we're glad you're excited!! thankss alot for the support babe, love you more than haarrmoonnyy ;p
fashyyy- hehe at last we did it <3
thanks to your blog that got us influenced :*
aljoud- thanks :) yeeeyy we're excited about the name too.. thanks for your support <3<3
hikako-sweet, will do :* thanks

YUR CUZ said...

I'm totally hooked and good to know that Loulou's can be repainted!!!
The blog looks amazing, u did a gr8 job! I am SOOO gonna add this link to My Favorites!!! ;)

in my choos said...

thankksss a lottt <3 <3 yepppyyy!!

Anonymous said...

It is me never say who !!!
Mbrooooooooooook it is really nice sharing everything with friends .. Happy for both of you as I feel you are one in two sharing the same thoughts keep it up

in my choos said...

anon- thanks a lot! allah ebarek :) we love you~

muhajababe said...

hey fashion conscious girlz ! ;)
good job and keep up the good work ..

in my choos said...

thanks a lot :) :)