Thursday, May 22, 2008

i see orange.

"the boxes that led us to the opening" we actually took the picture *we're excited that it looks professional ;p

"the invite" 

"lunch at lilou" 

let the photos do the talking this time,

goodnight birkin lovers everywhere!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

funny face.

"Think pink! forget that Dior says black and rust."

we've just finished watching audrey hepburn's funny face-*hearts. its the movies 50th anniversary and we have to admit that the fashion in the movie looks timeless! so inspirational, we can almost swear that the dresses look like recent dresses walking the dior catwalk. even audrey's eyebrows are tres today!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Dessange organized a charity marathon on a sunny was so much fun! There were lots of themes that change every hour: the pajama theme, bandanna theme, masks theme, hawaiian theme (which we wore the whole time out of mere laziness ;p ), and many more..

on the day, we had to leave home at 7 a.m sharp, picked up the girls and headed to Dessange with our yellow tees (it felt like highschool sports day lol - vintage!) the place was nicely decorated, with the dj playing each trainer's tracks..everyone was excited, especially that each trainer got to give the best spinner of their slot a prize. we had lots of laughs, with lots of cheering going on, anasa!

after 3 hours of spinning, we packed our bags and headed to a friend's beach house! exactly what we needed after that sizzling 3athab lol x

and you could say we kind of gave ourself a treat(look at those cupcakes and digestives AH!) hehe after all spinning was for charity more than being a workout ;p

Saturday, May 17, 2008

we've been tagged by nyxxie x

The contents of my makeup bag are :

1. chanel#09 lover lipstick liquid eyeliner
3.ysl#123 lipstick's inimitable mascara
5.trish's eyeliner
6.trish's conditioning lip color
7.ysl shiny lip plumer
8.mac's vegas volt
9.MJ mini mirror

1.tarte dollface cheek stain
2.trish spf15 conditioning lip color, peach
3.trish luxe moisture balm spf 15's inimitable mascara liquid eyeliner
6.dior waterproof black eye crayon
7.mac's please me lipstick
8.saksaholic mirror and a few hairclips mini mini eau de soir *hearts

My Favorite Makeup Product is:
lancome's liquid eyeliner
any creme blush! it gives out a gorgeousss glow

My perfume:
chanel's no.22 & tom ford's oud wood
Hermes' Caleche Fleurs de Meriterranee - neiman's 100th anniversary special omg 3athab

My Ultimate Dream:
to make the most out of my life
ultimate happiness!

How do I define womanhood:

Woman I admire for her beauty:
women that have confidence
Sophia Loren

Day cream:
DCL ultra light hydrator+eau thermale avene's sunblock spf 50
chantelcaille's tinted moisturizer

Essential beauty product:
tinted sunblock with an spf of 50
Trish's even skin beta hydroxy pads

Three products(besides solar) to bring on a deserted island:
toothpaste, shampoo and i'll use it as a shower gel too, george clooney(i'll share him with /\/ ;p)
shower gel, shampoo, sunblock lol and lots of it

Woman with the best sense of style:
women from the victorian era

My favourite fashion publication:
the Vogue's of every country

Friday, May 16, 2008

realllly want a kelly?

make your own at home! Hermes recently updated their webbie to include the cutest feature, one of which we particularly adored - make your own Kelly!
here are our first attempts ;p if you're feeling creative, do make your own and email us the pics at, and we'll post them here! fun fun fun x

for the Kelly cutout, click here.