Thursday, May 22, 2008

i see orange.

"the boxes that led us to the opening" we actually took the picture *we're excited that it looks professional ;p

"the invite" 

"lunch at lilou" 

let the photos do the talking this time,

goodnight birkin lovers everywhere!


pb said...

I got an invite!!! Totally forgot about it!! U guys should have reminded me!!!! Hope u had fun :)

Fastidious Babe said...

oh looks like u girls went on a spree! hope u had a blast! xx

nyxxie said...

anasa <3

nyxxie said...

im a kelly lover tho ;p

Peony said...

loving the boxes.. !

ksa said...

Your title doesnt make any sense..shouldnt it be "IN MY LOUBS"???

Anonymous said...

awalan GORGEOUS layout girls i LUV IT!!! just ooooooooozes fabulousity!!!

the hermes opening must have beeen so much fuuuuuun. wanasa!!!!


nyxxie said...

i miss u guys weinkum :(
nseitooni w nseito my gorgeous blog?


Anonymous said...

update :(