Sunday, May 18, 2008


Dessange organized a charity marathon on a sunny was so much fun! There were lots of themes that change every hour: the pajama theme, bandanna theme, masks theme, hawaiian theme (which we wore the whole time out of mere laziness ;p ), and many more..

on the day, we had to leave home at 7 a.m sharp, picked up the girls and headed to Dessange with our yellow tees (it felt like highschool sports day lol - vintage!) the place was nicely decorated, with the dj playing each trainer's tracks..everyone was excited, especially that each trainer got to give the best spinner of their slot a prize. we had lots of laughs, with lots of cheering going on, anasa!

after 3 hours of spinning, we packed our bags and headed to a friend's beach house! exactly what we needed after that sizzling 3athab lol x

and you could say we kind of gave ourself a treat(look at those cupcakes and digestives AH!) hehe after all spinning was for charity more than being a workout ;p


nyxxie said...

its been so long since i've gone spinning, but i think i dont miss it one bit hahaha

i miss the feeling of achievement after burning all those calories at the gym

i miss dessange

i miss u guys AGAIN ;p

ma9adeg el after spinning treat LOL you guys are HILARR


Baroque said...

a spin-a-thon in a tent, how? how? how?

cupcakes seem killer..

chaleh after spinning, i would so have camped out in bed..


Fastidious Babe said...

ooohh i'm not a spinner myself... u girls earned those drool-worthy cupcakes bigtime! xx

Anonymous said...

my lovesss!!!!! it looks like u had an amazing day!! 7addy mit7asfaai couldn't make it!! next time inshallah! i miss u all... Reem;p