Friday, February 27, 2009

Material girl.

Have you ever sat down and thought of all your goals in life? To those of you who have, how many of your goals are in any way related to anything materialistic? 

A very interesting notion made by Paulo Coelho is that although everyone has dreams, he argues that these dreams have been manipulated in some form. Coelho believes that we live in a materialistic world, and that the true values of which the majority of people aim to pursue are fame, wealth, and power. We have been manipulated by such a materialistic world to replace our simpler and more valuable dreams to aim for what culture today defines as success. 

In his latest book, The Winner Stands Alone, Coelho delivers the theme that in today's world, being a "winner" is directly tied to being rich and famous. But what about real happiness? What about self-satisfaction with disregard to society?

An intriguingly true notion also discussed in this book is the fact that possession is addictive. Once you think you attained a goal, "desire creeps right back in". In other words, once you get what you want, you are never satisfied. You go back and crave more and more. 

But a question we should ask ourselves: who manipulates us? Who are the driving forces behind such fake values that we are all trapped in? 

The book The Winner Stands Alone discusses this trap.

Sounds interesting non?? The book will be out this month! Looks like a good read xx

To those wanting a jump start, the first nine chapters are available in the facebook group "The Winner Stands Alone", posted by the author himself.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sneaky sneaky.

Seems like Miley's Zuhair Murad dress was actually "inspired" by a 1949 Dior gown, featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Interesting!



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Monday, February 23, 2009

Recession? What recession?

Chanel Segway anyone? Glide in style at 20 kmh with this segway designed for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld. 

I thought Chanel just cut down 20% because of the recession? hmm.


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bring out the coral!


lucsious coral! From light salmon shades to deeper coral tones, this color of the season will make you glow all summer long. 

shine shine shine x



I'm so happy you got to walk in my choos! May your year be filled with happiness and fabulousity, je t'adore! Lol I never knew the day can fit so many plans ;p

To everyone, hope your weekend was as amazing as mine! 

P.S photo evidence that I can and in fact will wake up and get on the go before the sun completely rises, by special request only lol! 

To many many more weekends under the stars with the fabulousest bunch on the planet, to the funniest escalator incidents, to memorable dinners, to "chilling" at villa moda, to the cherry on top, and to everything in between, all over again - soon! xx


Friday, February 6, 2009

Never-ending wishlist.

I love! Python flats for the summer. A must.

Louboutin for Lim python flats.

Chanel python ballerinas



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whimsical Gardens.

From mesmerizing dresses to OTT headpieces, the floral/garden trend is back on the runways again, this time laden with more wondrous applique flowers than ever. 

My favorite modern floral dresses of the season