Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sneaky sneaky.

Seems like Miley's Zuhair Murad dress was actually "inspired" by a 1949 Dior gown, featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Interesting!



photocred: bloomacious


Mme.Monstre said...

ugh ! .. i didnt like it on her .. and neither the fact that its in a way copied and paraphrased .. but i luvvv the original

cheekbones said...

ugh miley - what was she even DOING there? so annoying, i wanted to claw at her face the whole time she spoke to seacrest. your dad stepped on your train a lot? how interesting! ugh.

& i'm of the minority who believe the dress was hideous ;x the vintage dior looks a lot better in terms of color & style (strapless, sans belt). Also miley cyrus wasn't wearing it, which is a major plus in any situation.

oh it feels good to get all my bottled up miley-anger out. thanks noora ;p

Emaratioryx said...

*tsk tsk*
I don't even like the dress Miley is wearing.. She seems to wear the wrong dresses for her age. wrong choice.

BeBe said...

i think its lovely i'd love to wear it :) its so cinderella kinda dress so femminine

nawary said...

OMG NO WAY ahahaha lebanese ripoff! i love the original and zomo's fake take nonetheless. <3

Even Sweeter said...

loved the dress... not on miley though

The original is just breathtaking!

eshda3wa said...

is that what they call exact replicas these days ?