Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3rd grade is the new black

Trend Alert~* hair bows and stars

Looking sooo 3rd grade has never been hauter. Dramatic hair bows (preferably satin) are a very cute way to soften your look and give it a younger touch. From Chanel to Williamson, they were everywhere on the runways! We're getting black satin fabric today to try to interpret the look ♥ If you feel that a hair bow worn as a headband is too dramatic for your look and would like something more subtle, tie a bow around your pony tail~ Never thought inspiration may come from your baby sister/daughter? Time to raid their hair accessories ;p

An evening take to hairbows is making a bow out of your own hair a la h* ♥ (so HAUTE!)

Another emerging trend is also comes from a nursery rhyme - twinkle twinkle little staR* ~ stars are dubbed the new skulls!! abuse them!!!! YSL and Chanel sent stars on every garment down their runway shows this fall ♥ We had stars henna-ed on our fingers this summer in Orlando lol if you only knew what we had to go through just to get these done .. walking in the HORRIFYING heat in our long summer dresses into the Epcot, walking through Canada, London, Paris, THEN reaching Morocco to get the stars done lol hilarE but SO worth it!!

wishing you a starry fab night xx



Anonymous said...

love the stars** sooo cutttee & the bow trend as well

hikako said...

i once tied my hair in a bow at a cousin's melcheh , and i had stars on my backhand a few times, very indie rock ....

i love your blog guys ... updat a few times a day :P

in my choos said...

anon-thankss ;p
hikako- me too! i really love the look when i had my hair tied back in a bow, suPer Cute!!
how sweet hikako! looool @ updating a few times ;p

in my choos said...

* i really loved ~

Anonymous said...

This blog is so Haute ;) keep it coming

in my choos said...

anon- thanks a lot :) will do inshallah <3