Tuesday, November 27, 2007

red soles stole my soul~*

First Louboutin moment ..

Reminiscing on days we first experienced the thrill of firey red soles~

Looking back a year from today.. running around in our loulous, shopping for secret Santa gifts -oh my god -death by blisters ;p it's worth the pain: what's hauter than running around with red soles! there are no words to expres
s the feeling of being surrounded by louboutins (bergdorf shoe salon aaaahhh!!) each one of them screming PICK ME! Throughout the year we face life changing choices [which pair, which pair] (we're being over dramatic ;p but, you get the point) or rushing to get the perfect pair before your sister does lol ;p

"The Goddess Guide" by Gisele Scanlon profiles the magical shoe designer-CHHRRRIISSTTIIIAANN
LOUBOUTTTIIINNN (applause) - he's funny, cute and for heaven's sake he started the red soles ..

a piece of history: - how this all started

Gisele: "Why are the soles of all your shoes red?"
"An assistant in the office always use to wear the same color red lipstick and matching nail polish. One day i asked to borrow it and coated the bottom of a pair of stilettos just to see what is would look like, et voila! "

the louboutin craze:

-share with us your first
louboutin moments :D

* does it annoy you when the red starts to fade?

-Harper's Bazaar UK-Oct-07: you can get your red soles REpainted!! you can get them done in Harrods, Gucci, and KG shoes.. it only takes a week!!
"Christian Louboutin entrusts his famous red soles to one man in the UK -George at KG shoes, a former shoemaker.Harrods and Gucci also trust him with their resoling needs."
(0207 7387 2234)

wishing you a life filled with red soles and red hearts <3>


Lulwa said...

heyyy!!! mabrook girls look forward to reading your daily posts!! ;) and i cant that you enough for the fab tip on repainting my red soles!!!


in my choos said...

allah ebareeekk thanks <3 yeey we're glad you are !!
your welcome gorge~

sham3h said...

OH MY GOD!! I want that sole repainting place to open e3endna :( ana a'7aaaf albas my lou's 3ashaaan elsoles don't fade away :( there is this place in Burjuman that covers it wiht a transperant cover, but it wears off after awwal labsa :(

I loved todya's post :D keep them coming girls :)

Mr Fur said...

lol...tho i gloss over most of the core material..i must say..the humour in your posts keeps me smiling :D

in my choos said...

sham3h- isn't it great that we can have them repainted?? now you can always wear your loulous!!
<3<3 will do !
nadd-yeey~ we hope they always do make you smile :) :)

hikako said...

i want that cake!

in my choos said...

us too ;p lol
-i loved the way they wrote her name (/\/ noticed it) hehe cute

Emma said...
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