Wednesday, July 16, 2008

inmychoos swears by ..

genetic denim!! if you're looking for heaven sent jeans, genetic is the way to go x extremely lightweight and super soft (perfect for the summer vacay!), you can never switch back to your true religons no matter how loyal you are ;p trust me! oh, and to top all that, they are extremely flattering! simply fabulous!

If you are in Bahrain, make sure to check them out at J boutique. otherwise, you'll find them at all major department stores! xx

stock up ;)

photo credit: ellegirl


Baroque said...

i'm looking, i'm looking..
u should quit your day job and become a spokespersonl u've got me converted. xx

Fastidious Babe said...

oh! i remember an interview with the guy who made em.. at the time they were not in dubai.. i wonder if we got them now.. will be on the lookout!

kytheria said...

they look cool, where is J boutique? i am going to Bahrain very soon :-D

nyxxie said...


Kate Moss :P

ps. the jeans look yummy

eshda3wa said...

oooh i love em too!

Manano said...

alyoom shareetah :D walla i'm in love with this jeans <3