Saturday, July 12, 2008

Snow white is so passe.

Facing the bluest pool, on my left tanning essentials, on my right a bottle of ice cold water, surrounded by the bestest company ever, bliss! h*, awaiting your 5th ave post!

Mun1 in crocs, mun 2 in neon nails! <3

Um fa6ma, if you're reading this, yes I was posting whilst tanning ;p it is one super fun gathering! Xx

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Living Lights said...

its was F U N!!!!! el7amdila no sunburns :D thanx for the huge umbrella LOOOOOOOOL x


Anonymous said...

hehe enjoy ur tanning .. nice nails!! oo ma3a il tan a7la heheh ;P

Baroque said...

*sigh* pool parties are the best!

Hope u didn't get burnt! Hello aloe vera! Xx

uMFa6ma said...

awww N i had more fun byam3tkum!!!! inshalla more and more yam3at ;)