Sunday, July 13, 2008

i'm in the city of wonders

so here i am drowned in bed, the most wonderful feeling ever. i was telling noona that i told them not to wake me up till september! haha ;p anyways i had to drop by and post an update..
so, i went to watch the mama mia musical with a friend she's such a sweetheart<3> i can't get the music out of my head and its been a couple of days already lol. "mamma mia, here i go again ;p"

and yeah one of those many days at laduree camilla belle was having tea in the table next to us, i kept staring wondering if it was her.. i was too shy to ask so i asked my friend to ask her lol and she was like yeah hehe then i waved hi ;p i snapped a picture of her when she went down to order some macaroons <3>

anyways here i am 5th avenue-ing
im in heaven plus a dream filled with chocolate eclairs and marshmallows ah. and the favorite of all bergdorf.

oh yeah and the most embarrassing moment: i was waiting for the elevator with my sister and she dared me to say "heyyyy" -which i always do- in a high pitched way as if i'm going to start singing~ when the elevator door opens. and i was like i could do that! haha! the whole time i was here the elevator always comes empty WHY NOW. lol so i was like "heeyyy" with a waving arm. and there they were a man and his wife staring like i was some kind of an idiot!

a couple of shots of the past few days


~laduree is getting bigger!

~the new iPhones are out. the line was crazy!

~shopping down madison.heart


~@koi. i can't remember how many edamames i had!

~i want to stick my face in that fountain lol.

~the shoe floor <3> at saks though i love bergdorf's more!

~@ daniels. the waiters are skilled! they place all the plates on the table at the same time. they won't let you put your bag on the floor there's like a stand, to put your bags. and those mini muffins are yummy!

sending you hugs&kisses

~i miss you noona so much! lool the crocs fun fun fun!


Hesperus said...

St. Regis is one of the best hotels in NY. I miss it!

Anonymous said...

H. we miss uuuu,,, anasaaa NYC i cant wait ....have loads of fun xx

**Queen B** said...

aww your in my hometown!!
have lots of fun!

eshda3wa said...

im so in need of vacation
glad ur having such a good time!


Layla said...

A-h-maaazinggggg. I dream of NYC everyyy single day <3 & the imagination becomes worse when i sing frank's :Newyork,Newyork

Have a blaaaast over there :)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog! the word JACKPOT comes to mind;p... I spent the last hour and some looking at ur previous posts... u guys are soooo much fun!... u really know how to have a party!! Had fun at ur playground;p

Anonymous said...

>.< i watched MAMA MIA ! AND like i know the feeling wen u just cant stop SINGING...

HAVE FUN FE NYC sweety ..

Anonymous said...


watchmekissthesky said...

hahaha! that elevator moment cracked me up! because I can RELATE to that haha; when you least expect it =]]

hope you have a great time over there!!

noooraa said...

hsoooosaaa!! <3 <3 i MISS YOU soooo much!!! mukanech wayed embayyyen!!! sometimes we say wish you were here, then we correct ourselves and say chanzain e7na ma3ach! :* im soooo glad you are having a blast xx enjoy every moment! lol @ the heavenly bed, you cracked me up! i absolutely adore the "shopping down madison" photo <3 <3

can't wait to "arrmoniieee" with you! ;p