Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maha's Bakery ~ UPDATED

A new bakery has opened it doors to all you sugar lovers *
from cupcakes, to cakes, to cookies, to brownies to doughnuts to everything nice.
as guilty as we feel coming home after spinning class we couldn't resist all these bright colored cupcakes. but it was SO SO so so worth it.

we tried these delights;
the red velvet-amazing
the vanilla- wowza
the nutella- ohmygod
the banana- yum
the sugared date balls- addictive

and there are lots more we have to try and can't wait till we have another bite!
everything was soooo scrumptious!
you guys seriouslyyyy have to try it!!!!

*the cupcakes took us back to s chool days when the whole school run over to maha when she had a plate of these bright cupcakes with her, everyone used to crave them and couldn't wait until the next time she gets them- thank god she has a bakery now ;p

~it's baked and sealed with love and a dose of maha's magic~
for orders email maha at sweettooth.bah@gmail.com


nyxxie said...

omg 7ram 3laikum after spinning class!! lol 3athaaab hahaha i remember i used to barely drink my glass of water after spinning class the calories would traumatize me after all that work out!!!!!!!! bathba7kum anyway imna go order some stuff now xx my darlings ;p

in my choos said...

nyxxie- hehe it was worth it! we had a bite of all the flavors lol.. yeeyy don't forget the sugared date balls they're so yummy!!


luuluu said...

OH YAAAAAAAAAY!! mabrook 3ala the bakery MUST TRY allll the flavors!!!

shushu said...

yuuummmmm....3alaikum bel 3afia gurlz

i guess this is a MUST!!! cant wait to try them <3

good luck maha x

Anonymous said...

OMG Girls i tried the red velvet cake today it was AMAZING BY ALL MEANS ! Alla yawafgaha

ur cuz said...

Tried them today, they are heavenly!

nyxxie said...

i sent her an email o ma7ad rad 3lay :o