Friday, March 7, 2008


missing nobu and the loud waitress greeting~

the food-yumyumyum, anyways we decided to stay in and try to make our own sushi. we tried, we really did. we tried following everything it said in the cookbook lol but in the end it was just lump of bumpy sticky rice ;p and omg the spices we bought were the wrong ones, ew est'3fer allah.. imagine sushi with indian spices . . we also got "hellokitty" chopsticks sososo adorable and some japanese umbrellas for the table hehe;p the sushi we made looked so wrong, it looked like a baby ;s so we ordered in and had normal sushi :)

oyasuminasai, gnite xx


Anonymous said...

Did u guys go to the Japanese grocery store in manama to get the ingredients ?

shushu said...

so cuteeee <3

vogue said...

i miss londons' nobu!
and mr.chow!!