Wednesday, December 26, 2007

nude lips, nude nails

we know that winter makeup is all about red and maroon lipsticks, but who said you have to embrace this trend if you feel that the color simply doesn't suit you? a more modern winter look is going nude on lips and nails which we've been recentley adoring <3 for those of you with nude lipsticks in stock, time to carry them around everywhere you go ;p and to those of you who are new to this shade, just drop by mac and ask for the lipstick shade "jubilee" *pouTs as for a very nude look- concealer nude - then try mac's "myth" shade, just make sure to apply lots of gloss~ as for the popular mac nude shades that we are yet to try, they are "blankety" and "honey love" .. as for manicures, get your nails painted in essie's "mamboo" - so haute *hearts

indulge in the warmest hot chocolate - and don't worry, nude lipsticks won't stain your mugs ;p


photo credit: wwwd


shmily said...

i cant! a7es nude lipstick/gloss wud make me look sick and wud give my mom the worst day of her life lool

a7es i cant pull it off =(

shushu said...

wow!!! this is weird! a few days ago i was like from now on ill apply nude gloss in winter..coz it looks nice on me hehe and i even didnt have a clue that its the new trend!

in my choos said...

shmily bl3aksss it soo easy to pull off! try a less dramatic nude color you'll totally love it <3

shushu lol cuute ;p anaasaa enjoy it xx

meyam said...

ALLAAAAH the olsens look like theyve got the PERFECT SHADE OF NUDDDDE ON :P:P:P
yayayayayay i love love love this blog ;****

in my choos said...

meyam i know right! lol yagheroon they pull everything off so well ;p AWHHH we love love love you more gorge ;*