Wednesday, December 5, 2007

purple Perfection~

Plumberry is a new boutique that opened it doors to trendy fashionistas~ it is exactly what Bahrain needed; it carries classy and chic casual/dressy wears not to forget the clutches , shoes, and adorable baby clothes they just received ~
they carry brands like Velvet, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Charlotte Ronson, Radcliffe Denim, & Voom Shoes: Lauren Merkin & Sam Edelman Babies: Splendid & Toddlers
it had the cutest opening *
really excited we dropped by again after the opening and gave Plumberry & its owner a visit (plus there will be more visits) ;p the interior looked amaaazzziinngg!
we were surprised that the stock is already updated !! so don't forget to drop by every once in a while ~ btw those of you who have facebook make sure to join the Plumberry group!
Al Aaali Mall just got purpleR and fabulous-eR :*

happy shopping x

Plumberry Boutique
Al Aaali Shopping Complex

Tel: 17-581125


shushu said...

nice pictures gurls, and nice reveiw about plumberry hehe
the shop is cute, 6ale3 3la its owner ;)

in my choos said...

shushu-thank you <3 ..
ya it's reallY cute*

plumberry-licious said...

hey you fashionistas!!! luv the review.. it just made my day "perfect" :*** thanks!!!

shushu thank you :***

in my choos said...

heeeyy <3
i'm glad you did! very exciting, keep it up with pB gorge~

fashy said...

oooooo even more reason to visit bahrain!! the purple ballets are divine. and the patent red heels GORGEOUS!!

in my choos said...

fashy- yup definitely another reason! you have to come <3
they're marvelous ;p


nyxx said...

yayyyyyyyy this is sooooooo exciting can't wait to visit!!

in my choos said...

nyxx- <3 <3

Anonymous said...

another reason why i should visit fabulous bahrian soooooooooon!!!

im luving your blog girls xx


in my choos said...

karooozii yeyy it loves you back too ;p you totallllly should fly in!! xx

RS said...

I've just added your post to my blog hope you don't mind =)

in my choos said...

rs- we don't mind at all ;p

Desert Bloom said...

LUVED the review!! great job girls :D and wayed cute ur blog!

in my choos said...

desert bloom- thaaankkss :)

fashionista said...

This store rocks! It's so LA..check it out seriously

plumberry-licious said...

Fashionista ~ You Rock!!! lol!! Thank uuuuu :)