Saturday, December 22, 2007


blinging your hair is back <3 any vintage brooches you have in your collection? its time to bring them out! we love this modern take on brooches pinned sideways ~ oh la laa

many designers have come up with chic blings, and thanks to this trend, you can now not only pin brooches to your clothes, but also clip them to your hair

we love this new trend and can't wait to get our hands on a gorgeous new piece (browsed hours online for lacroix's but no luck *pout )

p.s wishing you a belated eid mubarak - now that the eid rush is over, we'll be back to daily posts ;p


shushu said...

me see me like me want U buy for me (A)

shmily said...

i sooo love this trend <3 i shud try it ASAP!

the 1st pic is amazing is it lacroix's ??

plumberry-licious said...

such a cute trend can't wait to get my hands on one to sparkle my hair :)

fashionjaw said...

when i knew i couldn't believe that finally brooches were back - I had a cocktail party at home and i forced everyone to use brooches into their hair - they loved it

in my choos said...

shushu- lool ;p

shmily- adorable trend ;)
yup the 1st is lacroix the other one is cartier ~

plumberry-licious- us too <3<3

fashionjaw- yaaa yey it's back!! lol @ forced everyone :D you're such a fashionista~